The Art of CursiveLogic ~ REVIEW

You know I am all over anything creative, fun and has anything to do with pretty pens!  Recently I was able to preview some Samples of an awesome creative outlet from CursiveLogic, The Art of CursiveLogic.  Sure you can use this for your kiddos, but this one my friends has Adults Included written all over it.  

Light after darkness...The Art of CursiveLogic sample pages I was sent were Beautiful, honestly my jaw DROPPED!  It was like Magic under my pen as the color filled the lines for some of the most enchanting pictures I've seen.   

Throughout and around these lovely pictures are words packed with inspiring Quotes..... filled with wisdom and delight, like my favorite "Sweet after Bitter and Hope after Fears."  Seriously you can complete these pictures, frame them and hang them up proudly anywhere in your home or office....they are that beautiful!

The sight of the stars...

We all know CursiveLogic is an amazing company that offers an intelligent shape-based approach way to learn cursive for the first time or perfect your craft from years of keyboard clicking.  The lessons in this book look to me to be similar to their CursiveLogic.  With easy concepts and short lessons this is a perfect addition to your homeschool.  Now go see what they have been working hard on over at KickStarter.  

Donate now to receive your very own once it is complete!  Share on Facebook and get a Coloring Sheet Sample today.

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