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Yay....it's time for the 1st Review of the year.  And what better way to celebrate the New Year then with an Updated Edition of the beloved children's Bible...The Beginner's Bible from Zonderkidz.  This cherished Children's Bible has been updated with cool 3D artwork in Honor of The Beginner's Bible 25th Anniversary!!!    I was so happy to be able to Review it because all three of my Kiddos have read the original.  When Skylar was just a few years old I bought him one and he enjoyed reading it for many years as did Mahala and now Kaden.  Having the newest edition ensures that future Grandkiddos will have the joy of reading it too.
As soon as Kaden opened the box and discovered what it was he was impressed.  It is so fresh and vibrantly colored, the characters leap up off the page.  It's 508 pages long and filled with over 90 Stories from the Bible.  I appreciate that the pages are sturdy and the cover is brilliant in color and design just like the original.  This Bible is geared for ages 4-8.  The youngest children with the bright art that pops out will grab their attention as you read to them and the older ones will stick around for the great stories.  With the many lessons and stories your Kiddos will be both entertain and educated with this delightful Bible.  I have found that it is wonderful to have by your kiddos bedside for bedtime reading, in the car for trips and even as a read aloud with the whole Family after dinner.
One of the great extras available to use along with The Beginner's Bible is all the online activities, games, trivia cards, placemats, coloring sheets, an App to download and much more.  Kaden's favorite was the online Jigsaw puzzles.  He also enjoyed the Jesus is Born and the Resurrection Video available online. 
Another one of the things I noticed in this New Edition is that the table of contents is visually easier to read and the stories are divided into New and Old Testament.  And the stories go in order and this was very pleasing to Kaden.....he likes "order".  Also, at the very back of the Bible is a few pages that feature a Dictionary.  A great start to build your little one's Biblical vocabulary.
Even though Kaden has read through the older edition many times he still read it all, but really spent a lot of time doing the online activities.  I would highly recommend The Beginner's Bible as an introduction to the Bible for any young child.  You can never start reading to them too early, especially the Lord's Word.  I truly feel like it's a quality, sturdy story Bible that will open the doors to your little one's daily relationship in God's Word.  Gifting a young child with The Beginner's Bible is a precious thing that I'm so thankful we did many years ago with my own Kiddos.  I believe giving my Kids this gift made it easier for them to remember the important stories in the Bible and appealed to them because of the chosen artwork for each of the stories. 
I encourage you to go online now and see for yourselfall that Zonderkidz has to offer.  See all the excitement over The Beginner's Bible on Social Media today.
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