Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. ~ Review

I Love new school supplies....but there is one thing that I love even more then that.....New Art Supplies!!!!  Not too long ago I did a Review for Kwik Stix and Kaden absolutely Loved them.  So, when they asked me to try more of their products I was thrilled to accommodate that request.  And little Man was just as happy!  When we came home from our RV trip they were sitting there waiting for us.  Kaden has a lot to say about these new sets we tried.

We were generously given 2 different sets from The Pencil Grip, Inc., the 6 pack of Metalix and 6 pack of Neons.  Kwik Stix are a Solid Tempera Paint that dries in 90 seconds!!  Yes, you read correctly...honestly in my experience it dries even faster then that.  You can paint with this product on cardboard, wood, plastic, paper and more. 
The twist tube comes with an easy to remove cap and allows for a nice sturdy hold for kiddos with poor motor skills.  I can not tell you how many crayons and even paint brushes he has broken while creating art. :)  And one of my Favorite things about Kwik Stix is they allow us to get our Crafting on with just about No mess!  I can let Kaden paint and no longer need to worry about spilled water cups, paint splatters or even paint on his clothes.  That alone makes this Special Needs Momma real Happy!!!

I Highly Recommend these awesome Art Supplies.   They will make excellent stocking suffers for the young and not so young.  They will be the ultimate goodie bag item at your child's next Birthday party.  If you have travel plans coming up you could do what we did.  I popped them in a ziplock baggie along with a notepad I had purchased at the dollar store.  Hours of play from scavenger hunts, eye spy, pictionary, drawing, story creating.....Kaden even used them to make labels for his treasures we found on the beach.  

Before, you could only purchase them Online....starting today, November 1st you can purchase the Basic and Metalix 6 packs at Target Stores!!  Also, the Kwik Stix 96 Pack, 24 pack, 12 pack and 6 packs of the Classics, Neons and Metalix are available at Target.com.  Head over now and check The Pencil Grip, Inc. out on Social Media, order online or head to your nearest Target!!!

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