Getting Familiar!

Oh my goodness we had an amazing time in Northern CA last week.  We took one last trip before the BIG ONE and boy am I happy we did.  It was a tight squeeze to get everything planned and ready, but it was worth it.  Now when we get into the RV it's like Home, an old hat, just another thing we do.  But, I remember when we first got it I even walked lighter, I was worried I'd break something.  I forgot where I put things and I kept finding new hiding holes everywhere.  It was a whole new world then, now we climb aboard...everything has it's place and we are ready to roll at a moments notice.  A huge change and much appreciated.  Because before we set out on this 2 month long journey with Kaden we had to have some sort of familiarity built up or Kaden was not going to be a Happy Camper, which in turn would make us not so happy campers as well! :(

I would say for the most part Kaden is adjusting nicely, but we still have bumps and hurdles to jump just to make it through the day out on the road....more of that to come in future posts.

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