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http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/07-20%20Beric%20The%20Briton%20Heirloom/Beric%20The%20Briton%20Cover%20Image_zpswtfjirrr.jpgWe love Audio Dramas around here, we have a whole case full of them in the van.  We have been doing a lot of prep-camping for our Big RV Trip, so I was excited to tell the Family about my newest Review from Heirloom Audio Productions..... Beric The Briton!  To make our experience even better we also received access to special bonuses along with our CDs.  We received a Full Color downloadable Study Guide and Discussion Starter, a mp3 Soundtrack, 2 mp3 Files of the Audio Drama, Beric The Briton ebook, a Behind-the-Scenes Video, and Posters.

Beric The Briton is the Newest story in the Audio Drama collection based on the Adventure books by G.A. Henty produced by Heirloom Audio Productions.  It offers over 2 hours of entertainment with a twist of Character building and Faith strengthening.  And I must not forget...it's packed full of suspense and action!  Our Family enjoys all things History, so Kaden was the most excited to hear that the setting is in Ancient Rome.  We decided to take it on our last 10 day camping trip.  We were quickly taken back to the days of Ancient Rome first century AD, during the time when Nero was the Roman Emperor.  The story shows Courage, Faith and Sacrifice as it follows the life of Beric the Briton, a young man who takes on the Romans.  He is captured and forced into the Gladiator world and rises quickly into a High Power position of Honor....compliments of Nero.  But, it doesn't last...he has convictions when he is introduced to the forbidden Christian faith and he must decide how far he is willing to go to follow orders over what he believes in. 

We did not bring the Study Guide with us on our trip, but I was able to revisit it once we got home.  But, as we were listening the things that caught Kaden's attention was the life of a Gladiator.  He could tell the struggle Beric was going through and the moments that Faith stepped in Kaden beamed.  This is big for him....having Autism makes it difficult to relate to people.  And he was relating to this character.  The roaring and noise at the Colosseum was so realistic....Kaden had his feet up under him and literally was on the edge of his seat listening to every word.  After listening we talked about the way it would have been to live in Faith back then in Rome.  He was able to express feelings and connect his book knowledge to emotions.  

Once we got home we broke out the library card and checked out some Ancient Roman books, several on Gladiators and even poetry.  We went through the Guide and he really enjoyed the extras, honestly we probably should have looked at it first before we went to the Library....but that's ok! :)  Kaden had full comprehension of the story and that shined when he answered every one of the Listening Well Questions.  Even most of the Thinking Further Questions were in his reach, only a few caused a little frustration.  But, mainly because Kaden struggled to find the words or how to not just see Black or White.  The Vocabulary Words and Amazing Bible Verses were all icing on the cake.  

So, what did we think?  Well, we Loved it....I loved the Message, the Quality and the Precious Time I was able to share with Kaden.  All while learning and growing together as a Family.  This is one of the reasons why I enjoy Homeschooling so much.  Amazing products like this makes educating at home easier, more enjoyable and memorable.  I think this would work for any car trip or for down time, while you cook or get ready for an outing.  If we wouldn't have listened on a car trip I would sit out some quiet snacks and curl up on the couch with the kids while listening. 


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