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I've had a few road bumps in the road to get this next Review out to you all, but it was one of our Family's all time Favorites so I had to do everything possible to get it to you.  I'll explain that Adventure in a later post, but now let me tell you about this next Review.  A few years ago I was introduced to a lovely company, Veritas Press, I fell in love with the way they taught Classic Education.  To this day Kaden still remembers that year's History.  Later that same year we were able to try a small sampling of their New VeritasBible.com for a brief few weeks as a trial.  You can go HERE and do the same exact thing.  We were anxiously awaiting for the day to be able to try it full time.  And that day has come, we were able to get a full one year Family subscription to VeritasBible.com.

Once we got the ok to get going Kaden was eagerly at my desk waiting to get started.  I appreciate the simplicity they have made it for us Parents to set up our Kiddo's accounts.  Simply enter their Names, select their Gender, their cool Avatar and that's is...their account is all ready to go!  Even though this is a Family Subscription....each Kiddo has their very own account and can work at their own pace.  That makes a Special Needs Momma real Happy!!!  Right now they offer 3 Courses or Paths...Genesis to Joshua, Judges to Kings, and  then there is The Gospels.  Their website talks about two additional courses coming soon.  That would be Chronicles to Malachi and finally Job & Acts to Revelation.  We will be patiently waiting for these to come out for sure! :)

Like I said before we did do a little trial last year and Kaden finished almost all of the Genesis to Joshua Course.  He was a little disappointed that he couldn't hop forward to where he left off.  Instead he had to start over and redo what he had done previously.  It wasn't a real BIG deal to me, but to him his patience was tested.  I had to explain to him that each of the three courses are independent of each other, but you can't jump ahead in any of the courses.....you must go through each of the book in order.  A bonus is that you can skip between the three courses, it's just the Lessons in each course that must be completed in order.  It's truly not a big deal and in just a few days he was all caught up and he was able to work on new material.

Kaden ended up using this program almost every single day.  He's an early riser, so we allowed him to get on here with his tablet or my laptop while he waited for the birds to wake up.....yes he gets up that early most mornings!  This program is so easy to navigate he can do it completely independently, but honestly I enjoy watching the videos and learning right along with him.  Each of the lessons start out with a brief introduction. Then it moves right into a little interactive review.  This is where I see Kaden's retaining magic happens.  It concretes what they have just learned without boring drills.  All the lessons are divided into sections, which makes it super easy to pick up right where you left off from your last session.  I have to say that Kaden is very picky with his Bible curriculum, he loves the Bible.  To hear him talk so positively about this program says a lot.  He doesn't like cartoon silly Bible programs.  He loves the videos he gets to watch and learn from in every lesson.  He finds them both engaging and truth filled.  He doesn't like sugar filled teaching and will generally catch it and look it up in his Bible.  As for the questions afterwards he enjoys the way they are presented.  Kid friendly and fun, but not too much to challenge his sensory sensitivity.  Even though this program is brightly colored and nice bold writing he doesn't find it offensive.  Usually bright colors will make him turn the computer off.  
So, if you have a Kiddo with sensory issues, check this out....it may work for them as well as it has for Kaden.  And if you want to keep track of what your Kiddo is learning and doing at the very end of each lesson is a worksheet to be completed and will be instantly graded for you.  You will then conveniently have the opportunity to Print the graded pages for your records or like Kaden for just reference.  He is his own worse critic...my job is truly simple! :) 

Would we continue to use this product?  Yes a million and one time!!!  And if you are looking for an Engaging, Soul Knocking, Fun way to get your Kiddos deep into their Bible....this is for You.  If you have computer loving Kiddos....this is for You.  If you have Kiddos who Love to hear stories from the Bible...this is for You!!!Check out what Veritas Press has going on with Social Media!!
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