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http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/06-28%20NotebookingPages%20com/npc-lifemember-square1-800x800_zpsjp7ecxbi.png  I have always Loved creating LapBooks, my Sister actually got me hooked on them and I did them more with my Older Kiddos when they were younger.  Kaden is a different story, he prefers putting things in an organized notebook.  Awhile back my Sister told me about NotebookingPages.com.  We were doing a few studies together with our boys.  Recently I was able to have a Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership from NotebookingPages.com.  The past 10 days we have been RV camping and you better believe I had plenty to give the Kiddos to encourage learning while we were enjoying nature.

This is the only picture I can get to pull up on my laptop right now as we are still out in the middle of nowhere....where literally it's a mile hike to get barely 3 bars of WiFi to post this Review.  I will have to post more later once we get home, but I want to at least go over how we used this amazing resource and what we have been able to do with it.

First off, I personally had problems downloading and logging in, but that was because we were out in the middle of nowhere on a previous camp trip....I know I now, that sounds like a whole lot of camping.  We have this New RV and we are preparing for our huge cross country trip that we are taking in a few weeks.  So, I had my Sister send me a few links that we talked about over the phone so that we could get started right away.  Once I was able to log on, set up was real simple and fast....Kaden could have done it blindfolded. :)

Kaden has always responded well with Unit Studies.  He wakes up in the morning and sometimes brings me a short list of questions about things or ideas.  He wants to just Explore his world and you can't always do that in a set curriculum.  This is why we kind of loosely unschool with a classic touch.  We like to fly by the seat of our pants and have no set schedule or limitations for our learning.  But, we like good classic learning too.  We love lots of good books, research and experiments.  This tool is the answer to a homeschooling Momma's prayers.  Because no matter what your Kiddo is studying or wandering about there is more then likely something to go along with that topic tucked away just waiting to be found, printed and completed by your Kiddo.  If you are confused at all about Note-booking, it's really easy.  It's just a collection of information your Kiddos have learned about any given subject.  There is writing, drawing, cutting, gluing, taping and coloring involved.  My Kids like to add little pieces of flare they might have found too.  Like a postcard, poem, wrapper, picture or short story.

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/06-28%20NotebookingPages%20com/npc-freeresources-500X500_zpsggtjvs7n.pngSince we are going cross country this Summer I have been looking for anything to get them ready for their trip.  Hands down this has been the biggest Blessing.  I started a Binder for each of the Kids.  Inside I was able to fill it with 3-4 page packets of each State, National Monument, Landmark, National Park and Memorials.  The Kids are going to record down what they experienced in each location, answer questions, draw, tape down any mementos or photos as we go along.  The greatest thing is that other workbooks or programs I found was filled with places we weren't going to go to.  This way it's completely customized for Our Journey!!! I Promise to post some pictures once we get home....obviously it's not completed, just put together.  But, in future posts you will also be able to see their work completed as we set out along our journey cross country.  We will be using our Binders on a daily basis!
Kaden has been note-booking through the many Composers available....by the way I have NEVER seen a collection of Composers that Big that is available to us.  He's also started a Bible Notebook.  There are 54 different "sections" to the Bible Note-booking Area.  This is honestly better then Disney to Kaden, anything to do with the Bible gives him Joy.  And to be able to compile all his completed note-booking pages into a binder makes for easy review for him later.  He completed the Hebrew Slavery section after Sunday School a few weeks ago.  I couldn't print them out fast enough...he hoped in the van, told us what he had learned about and asked if we could add it to his Notebook!  Of course you can, we got home, searched the topic and there it was...plain as day.  He printed it, filled it out and placed it in his Binder!

So, what do I think and will we continue to use this resource?  Yes, I have gone to Costco to buy paper so that I can pre-print before we leave on our trip.  And I have planned an Experiment Journal with using the pages found here and an Astronomy Notebook not to mention when we start up History again after Christmas I will be running back to download and print for our walk through the Renaissance Era.  I think no matter how you Homeschool or your Kiddo's learning style you can benefit from having your very own Membership.  I'm disappointed that I didn't get one sooner and plan to make up for lost time.  Make sure you head over now and see what NotebookingPages.com has going on with Social Media.  And when you get your own membership let me now what you pick to do with your Kiddos first! :)

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