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Reading is a past time around here...you can always be sure each of us has a book close at hand no matter if we are camping or out doing errands.  I like to supplement our Science and History with Good books and Strong Literature.  My Kiddos retain by working with their hands, reading and talking about different periods of time or Subjects.  That can sometimes mean a lot of extra work for me to do.  A year or so ago I found a company that did a lot of that extra work for me.....Progeny Press.  Recently I was given the opportunity again to Review a Study Guide for them.  Progeny Press is a company that provides Study Guides for Literature, from a Christian Perspective and the Study Guide they gave me to Review was Great Expectations E-Guide. (Recommended for grades 9-12)  Oh my goodness just saying the Title brings back boat loads of High school memories for me. :)  We have spent a lot of time reading over the years, but these last few years of school I have been concentrating on having Mahala read more of the Classics, which is why I decided to have her do this Review with me.  I want her to have to same Reading Adventures I had as a teenager....I Love having chats with her about what she's reading.

I was so pleased to read that Progeny Press' mission statement is 

“To teach our children to think clearly, to understand literature, and to rely on the scripture for truth and values, and enjoy themselves while they do it!”

Progeny Press has Study Guides for over 100 different Books, from the Classics to today's Popular novels.  You will find Study Guides that cover lower elementary ages all the way up through high school....lot's to choose from.  You will surely find something for every reader in your house, I know I have! :)  Their prices are affordable for what you get and I was really impressed with the Quality of each of the products we have used for this review and from other purchases in the past. 

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/06-14%20Progeny%20Press/Great%20Expectations_zpszs8ttjms.gifFor this review we were given a digital download that consisted of 72 pages and it's Answer Key.  Honestly, I normally do not like using digital because I like having things in my hand to touch and hold and it never fails when I print things out something goes wrong.  I am technically challenged most of the time!  :)  But, these E- Study Guides are different then what we have ever used before.  I was able to have Mahala type right into the PDF.  Yes, you read correctly....I know, it's Super Cool!!!  Like I said a minute ago, printing can be somewhat of a PAIN, so we took advantage of this Cooool feature and she typed everything right into the PDF.  Not all of the Literature Study Guides have this option, but a lot of them do.  Huge Bonus Points for having that capability, Mahala said it made completing her work a million times faster and she Loved that!

The Study Guide Sections cover things like:
  • Vocabulary
  • Questions
  • Discussion and Critical Thinking Questions
  • Optional Activities
  • Digging Deeper Section
  • Supplemental Resources
Okay, so like I said I did this Guide with Mahala.....usually each of the Study Guides take approximately 4-10 weeks to complete.  This really depends on the book and your Kiddo's ability to get through each of the lessons.  It is suggested that your Kiddo read the book completely 1st and then work through the study guide.  Mahala was like...."I'm never going to get through this whole book before your Review is due.  So, we decided for her to read several chapters and then to hop into doing the Study Guide, which neatly started to tie everything together. 

The Guide begins with an Overview of the book, a brief Synopsis,  info about Charles Dickens, Background Info from Dickens' time- early to mid 1800's and Pre-reading Activities that are optional...but I HIGHLY recommend doing them.  This actually went along nicely with our History we have been working on over the past few weeks.  I love when I can fit multiple Subjects together.  There are nine chapters that cover this book and ends with an overview, additional resources, final essay and project ideas.  Mahala is about half way finished with the book and Guide.  We have been extremely busy and this book has caused many insightful conversations that I honestly don't want to just rush through for the sake of getting everything done.  She reads daily and then completes a lesson depending on time available almost each day.  It's very easy to pull up on the computer and fill in the blanks.  The Answer Key is simple and easy to use.  I feel that it saves time having it all online.....I know I just said that out loud! :)  

So, would we use this type of Study Guide again????  Yes, yes of course....from the tree tops I scream Yes.  And for me that is a big deal since I'm a paper kind of person.  Having it one click away and not having to shuffle through pages of paper simplifies my life.  If you want to give your Kiddos the Gift of reading the Classics this is for you.  Even today's Reads are available...I say get your Kiddos reading.....anything is better then nothing.  Having my Kiddos read has opened their minds to a whole new world.  And by using Progeny Press Study Guides has made reading these books even more of an Adventure because of all their hard work they have put into each Guide.  Everything you need is a simple click away.  I encourage you to head over and see what they have going on with Social Media.

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Literature Study Guides from a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press  Review}

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