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We have three Kiddos with some sort or Learning Disability or Disorder.  So, I was super excited to give the Forbrain (recommended for ages 5+) System a try from Forbrain - Sound For Life Ltd. I decided to use it with both Mahala and Kaden.  I was intrigued when I learned that I could use my own voice to Boost my brain.  Hmmmm, I need all the help I cam get.  I read that basically it trains your brain to be more attentive and to improve sensory integration and auditory processing.   It works by creating an Auditory Feedback Loop that basically with Bone Conduction, which is another way that your body processes sound and delivers the voice directly through to the brain.  Forbrain is a wireless headset with microphone that will correct the way you hear your own voice, this alone will give you better speech production as you hear yourself and able to correct what you hear.  This amazing Bone Conduction delivers the sound of your voice 10 X faster than regular old Air Conduction that occurs when you talk without the Forbrain.

When You have the Fobrain System at Home you can use it to Improve:
*Your reading and writing Skills
*Your ability to retain what you have learned and sharpen that short-term memory
*You can increase your attention span and stay on task with ease
*After as little as 6-10 weeks you can see improvements with your concentration and focus
*Improve your speech and pronunciation
 *And last, but not least by using this System you will increase your self-esteem and confidence

When we received our Forbrain it came with the Bone Conduction Headphone Set which includes a soft tip microphone and dynamic filter.  We also received a computer cable for chargingWe also got Extra foam microphone covers, thankfully because Siblings don't dare want to share!  HAHAHAHA  We also had a Helpful User and Educational Guide Book and it all came in this Handy zippered case that is going to make life easier bringing this on the road with us this Summer! :)

So, how did we use it in the Manic House?  Well, I'll go through each of us separately...with Kaden he has Autism, is 9 years old and Loves to read.  I thought that this would help him focus, improve his toleration to sounds and help him slow down and speak at a rate we all can understand.  We used it almost daily while he did any out-loud reading, Spelling and any presentations.  I would say 25-45 minutes a day, almost 5 days a week.  He was very sensitive to the sound of his voice...he is very sound sensitive, but luckily there is a volume control button and we were able to turn it down enough for him to tolerate using the system and still see some benefits.  During the trial period I do feel like it helped keep him focused on what he was doing.  He doesn't "daydream"  he more gets distracted by other ideas or thoughts that are sparked while he is normally reading.  We all saw a decrease in this department for him.  His tolerance to sound hasn't changed, but he has slowed down immensely even when he's not using them.  Overall I will continue using this system to see how far his improvements will go.  I highly recommend giving it a try if you have a Kiddo on the spectrum that struggles in the areas my Kaden does.  I feel it is worth a shot.

Now, Mahala is 16 and struggles with ADD.  She is all over the place and has no drive or motivation at all to work on anything because she feels she has lost the battle.  It breaks my heart really and so I continue to throw out ideas and pray for a miracle.  With this System I was hoping it would increase her confidence and self-esteem.  Sharpen her memory at least a little and allow her to be able to focus long enough to get whatever job she's doing done.  With her we used it for almost an hour a day 5 days a week.    She used it basically the same way Kaden did, except she has also been working on poetry recitation.  For her I have seen a slight improvement in her drive and confidence.  As far as memory the jury is still out.  But, this is a girl that gets up from the dinner table to get a glass of water.  Puts the glass on the counter, opens the fridge, takes out the eggs and then stares at us and says..."who asked for the eggs?"  Really, are you kidding me.....that is my life.  Then she will sit down and not even get her drink.  So, I think it may take a little longer then a few weeks to see some results from her.  But, I will say she is completing more school work now then she was before the Forbrain.  Before her work would carry over to the next week and so forth and so forth.  She's not doing that at all anymore.  Is that the Forbrain?  I'm not a betting girl, but I think there may be a connection.  We will continue using this System over the Summer and into the new school year for sure.  I look forward to see the results in another 6 weeks.  I'll have to keep you all posted.  
So, what did we think?  We all enjoyed the results and felt it was super simple to use and plan to continue with is 100%.  I would recommend the Forbrain to anyone who struggles in the same areas as my children.  They offer a 30 Day money Back Guarantee, so what do you have to loose?  

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Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review


  1. Hi there. I just stumbled across your post while researching Forbrain as a possible tool for my son. Are your children still using it? If so, do you have any additional thoughts/comments to add?


  2. Hi there, I stumbled across your post while researching Forbrain as a possible tool for my son. Are you children still using it? If so, do you have any additional thoughts/comments to add at this point? I'm really intrigued by Forbrain but it's a little costly.

    1. Sorry this is so late, blogger had your comment in the spam folder. :( It is a little costly, but I have seen improvement. And around Christmas time we stopped using it for a few months and I started seeing a difference going in the opposite direction. I think it needs to be used consistently for a long period of time.