A New Day....New Song

A wonderfully c-l-e-a-n classroom table is a Beautiful sight.  It was a beautiful sight while it lasted.  Now it's covered with art projects, vocabulary words, the Bible a few readers, pencils, markers, a planner, 3 cups and a pack of paper clips .  And I couldn't be happier....this is going to be our Best year.  This year our Family is Stronger, Happier and Healthier.  My Marriage is Stronger then EVER before and we are finally a team and Jesus is our Coach.  Life is a pleasure, not a struggle anymore.  With this new peace I have room to breathe and my mind is clear to concentrate on my kids and still have strength to do all the other things I need to do each day.

This year I have found a great organization system that works great for me.  It's nothing fancy and actually my Husband thinks I should stick with an online planner for maximizing my time.  But, I am just a paper and pen kind of gal.  It just works best for me.  And that's something I have learned the past few years, life is short, pick your battles, worry less and pray more and the biggest of them all is not worrying about the other guy.  What works for one person may not work for me and that's ok.  The days of me trying to fit into someone else's shoes are soooooo over.  YAY for Me!!!  Yay for my Kiddos.....they get all of me and not bit's of the real me mixed with patches of other people I thought were better then me.

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