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 I can't believe that this time in 2018 we will be getting ready to celebrate Mahala's High School graduation.  Well, if all goes according to plan....hahahaha!  I'm sure it will and that is why I'm so excited to be able to order her an Exclusive High School Diploma from HomeschoolDiploma.com.  Graduation, like many other celebratory times is an extremely busy time in a family's life.  There are so many things to plan, purchase, organize and set up.  I'm a little flustered just thinking about it all. :)  But, no worries....with HomeschoolDiploma.com you have access to not only high quality diplomas, but Graduation announcements, labels, thank you cards, Graduation apparel, tassels, keepsakes, class rings and even gifts for your Graduates at your little finger tips. 


We are kind of low key as far as Graduation extras go in our Family.  We do a Huge party to celebrate with food and entertainment, but we don't participate in a full on ceremonial type event.  We had the opportunity to do that for Skylar because we were apart of an extremely large Homeschool Group.  But, at the last minute he decided not to participate and to keep it just close friends, family......oh and Lot's of Food!!  We still belong to that group, but as the time is approaching for Mahala to Graduate, she would also rather not jump on the huge ceremonial bandwagon.  But, that doesn't mean we don't need a Diploma though, so I was thrilled to be able to Review the Exclusive High School Diploma.

I had Mahala go through the whole process with me online as we ordered it.  The website was very easy to use and I Loved that there were so many options and customization possibilities.  It really did allow us to create something special and personalized to cherish for many many years.  We were able to customize our school name, recognize any Honors received, add scripture or saying and add any other info concerning location.  HomeschoolDiploma.com was kind enough to let us pick from any of there styles and Mahala fell in Love with the look of the Vintage-Style High School Diploma with Engraved Seal and 8.5" x 11" Deluxe Cover.  It really looked like my Diploma and even my father's from way back when.

After we ordered it we were shocked at how quickly we received it in the mail.  And when she opened it her eyes filled with tears because it was that impressive and meant so much to her.  This really is a special time in a teenager's life.
And to have a company like HomeschoolDiploma.com offer Quality products and almost everything you need to celebrate your Graduate is a Blessing.

So, what did I think?  I agree with what everyone is saying, HomeschoolDiploma.com is easy to navigate, stocked with many selections and helpful ideas to get your Celebration going for your Graduate.  Mahala doesn't finish until 2018, but we will be ordering from them any little extras that need that Special touch.  Make sure you go now and check out what's going on over at HomeschoolDiploma.com with Social Media!


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Exclusive High School Diploma Review

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