Birthday Love

Kaden is 9 now....time has flown by.  I remember just months ago it seems like that he was fighting for his life with RSV at just 6 weeks old.  And when he was diagnosed with Autism finally at 4, the relief was huge.  He's been through lot's of life moments both good and bad in his 9 short years.  I'm so thankful for every moment I have with him......even right now as I hear him pounding on his bedroom wall.  This morning has been a bit difficult, but nothing we can't handle as a Family.

Over the weekend for his Birthday we took him on a surprise excursion.....to see snow for the first time.  He was so excited, blown away actually and the smiles coming from his face made up for the fact that I HATE snow and cold weather.  His happiness kept me warm inside!!!!  The things we do for our sweet kiddos....endless Love I have for him!!  Happy Birthday Sweet Kaden!!!!

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