We have a Popsicle Farm

What a week we have had last week....Kid's Camp at church, softball practice and the hours of coughing up a lung has kept us more than busy.  Kaden and I are still coughing.....I'm scared it will never end.  It was super nice to be able to have one on one time with Mahala while Kaden was at church.  We were able to complete 5 weeks of English in just 4 days.  I mean she was determined and I was just along for the ride. :)  I love that I can do whatever works for us at the moment.  Sometimes we focus just on one or two subjects and sometimes we spread the love amongst the normal 5-6 different subjects a day.  We like to do more of a course study hands down.  It's less planning on my part and I feel that the kids retain the new information better. 

Four days since I started writing this post....

Kaden is still coughing...poor little guy has been throwing up and has pink eye in both eyes since Saturday.  He is so agitated and at the sound or touch from anyone sends him into a raging fit.  And that brings on more coughing and then that brings on the projectile vomiting.  So, we have been laying low and trying not to disturb the beast while still taking care of him.  Lord, when will the coughing in?????

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