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 As you know we just went on a vacation to Malibu and Disney and that means a long car ride for the Family.  I normally have a no technology rule for the car trip and once we get to our destination, but we changed it last year to only eliminate technology once we arrive at our destination and just limit it on the car trip itself.  It actually works quiet nice for us, we get all the Family time we want on the actual trip.  And on the car trip we can relax to music or listen to books or shows on CDs together or separately.  Kaden hates the time in the van, it's like a punishment for him.  We try to distract him and this year he has his tablet for added entertainment.  What I don't like is the worry of pop ups, ads and any other nonsense garbage that creeps in through the Internet.  I have forever wished for a Family Friendly website to let Kaden wonder and learn from without me having to be over his shoulder the whole entire time.  Well, wish no more.....when I found out there was a Review opportunity for a product that would offer just what I was wishing for I couldn't sign up fast enough.  Honestly this review has been the most anticipated review ever.  I had BIG hopes and expectations!!!  SmartKidz Media has gave our Family a whole year subscription to SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers.  

SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers is a video-streaming website that offers Homeschoolers a huge spectrum of topics from Fine Arts, the Animal World, all things History, Cooking, Exercise, Science and so much more....I could be here all night.  The Terrific news is that because this treasure trove of knowledge is all through their website, it is easily accessed and viewed on any device 24/7 that you have Internet available on.  So, that means you don't have to use up all of your computer or devices memory by downloading the things you want to watch.  I can't tell you how much I love and apreciate this.  My computer at home is soooooo filled with homeschool programs, games and a ton of other printables and books.  Whenever you want to watch, it's easily available no matter where you are.  Kaden's tablet is a learning machine right now....love it!!!  All the way down to Malibu and Disney he watched numerous videos, some only 15 short minutes and some were almost an hour.  What was nice is that not only did he learn a lot of interesting new facts, but we were interested and entertained also...this would appeal to ALL ages.

 On the main screen you will see 10 categories divided into 2 sections.  The Family Media Section offers the World of Discovery and Music and Fine Arts.  It provides you with several collections of Animals and Wildlife.  You will also find Action Sports(coming soon), Documentaries and Culture, Health and Fitness, all kinds of History, amazing Science, Lifestyle and Cuisine, Travel and Adventure, Fine Arts and all kinds of Music.  Kaden watched almost all of the History collections and a lot of the Science.  He has been showing an interest in cooking lately.  So, we have started a new Tradition....Friday Tryday.  It's a day that we watch a cuisine video, mix in a little additional culture study and after we shop for ingredients we enjoy a new adventure via yummy food.  Okay, sometimes yummy...but a ton of fun no matter what happens in the kitchen. 

As if that's not enough you still have the Reading and Learning Center.  The Mighty EBook Collection is nice and I found books for up to 8years old.  Kaden looked through a few of them, but his reading level is much higher then his grade level and wasn't interested in spending a lot of time there.  
The Baby Signs Program was very interesting....this would be great for little one.  We watched several of them and really liked the options with the different videos.  You baby or little kiddo can learn right along with you too.  
The My Animal Family Section is full of videos that teach about Family Values and how to have Respect for Animals.  Kaden truly enjoyed learning about these sweet animal families!  
The next section is by far our favorite I think....at least if I had to pick just one.  The Quick-Finds Study Guides is where you will find a ton of study guides that will teach your child different topics like various Spelling Basics, the 50 States, the Presidents, all things Science, Math from basics and terminology all the way to Trigonometry, Accounting, Different Languages and more to come!  I'm floored by all the goodies here....I feel like I'm sounding like a late night infomercial, but it's truly that amazing. :)  
Ok another Favorite is the Learning Special Needs area they offer.  It was designed for children and individuals with disabilities and various special needs. The themed books and lesson materials were created by special needs educators and therapists and offer Hear the book and Interactive options.  You will also have printed materials available too.  We used this option for our car trip so he could see, touch and hear.  You will find basic language help, Holidays and Celebrations and the Going Places collection amongst many others.  The Going Places was very useful on our trip and we watched the whole collection twice!  One in particular was the Amusement park video and the one about vacations.  Very helpful and help him understand a little more about what to expect. :)  
The Living Skills program is "coming soon", there are several "coming soon portions, not a ton, but enough to give me excitement for when they unveil them.  Love the things to come, and you will too I'm sure of it.   The Living Skills section will be a place where your Kiddo can learn little songs to help them learn how to take responsibility for themselves, relationships with others in their life, and the world around them.  
Ready Set Sing is a Fun area filled with over 200 sing along songs.  Basically Karaoke for Kids.  We didn't use this section, but if Kaden was more introduced to this section he might give it a try.  I know when Mahala was his age she would have said this was one of her favorite sections. :)  
The Fun Zone is just what it says a fun zone filled with educational games, jokes and puzzles.  Kaden was repeating jokes so many times that we didn't find them funny anymore....I think it's safe to say though that he liked this section. :)

Wow, that was a lot....I know there is something for every single Family to use and learn from while they have a lot of fun doing it.  The price is affordable and worth Kaden's weight in gold.  Not just because of all the content, but because of what it doesn't have....ads, pop-ups and redirecting links that could be to something totally inappropriate or unrelated.  You can give this experience to your Kiddos for $10 a month or $99 for the whole entire year.  I know that this is something I will be renewing after my 1 year subscription is up.  There is just too much to miss out on.  We will continue using it because I enjoy having something at a moments notice that the kids can watch while I make dinner or if the day has been super busy and I want them to relax and watch something, but have it be at least a fun educational program.  It also limits their watching time because most of the videos are fairly short so they can watch several, feel like they have watched a lot more then they did and I'm totally happy with the length of time they have been starring at the screen. :)  I will admit we have all gathered around the computer after dinner to explore a new topic more then twice a week.  But, mainly we used it during school and before dinner time and of course on our vacation! :)

Check it out right now, you can try it for FREE for 14 days and have plenty of time to have it for the new school year or get it right now for the rest of the Summer.  Visit SmartKidz Media Online and through Social Media!


SmartKidz Media Review

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