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Math is my Homeschool Nemesis....yes I said that!!  I have had a love hate relationship my whole life with Math.  I'm always worried about the Kid's progress and if they are where they need to be.  So, when I learned about A+ Interactive Math and their Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan I flipped with Joy.  I was excited to Review this product and was hoping It wouldn't be too painful.  

The Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan was designed to give You the ability to see if your student has gaps in their math skills and how to FIX them.  The program is 3 months long and evaluates from 1st Grade to Pre-Algebra (7th grade).

It wasn't until recently that I truly understood where my own math problems began.  I moved around a lot as a child, which meant different schools almost every single year. (Military Kid)  And with that also came different ways of teaching, teacher expectations and grading systems.  Going back and forth between private and public schools had me crazy, because one school was doing this and then the next school was doing something completely different and I see now how I missed core important instructionconcepts through out my elementary years.  I had huge gaps that were never filled.  It was apparent in all my subjects, but the most noticeable was Math.  I have noticed the same thing has happened right here at home with my Kiddos as we have endured some pretty huge obstacles and changes in our family over the past few years.

So, I had both Mahala and Kaden take the tests.  I can't even wait till the end of the Review to tell you if I like it or not.  I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!  This program has saved me time, money, confusion, frustration and did I say time?  :)  We have tried several different Math programs with Kaden.  He loves them and gets bored super fast.  He is all over the map though and I thoroughly believe it was because we let him push forward and didn't truly have a set direction or curriculum.  For an example Kaden can complete Algebra questions from his brother's High school book, but he can't tell you if an inch is bigger then a centimeter.  He has a hard time with the steps in division, but he can work out a word problem 3 paragraphs long.  So, you get the picture....he knows a lot and is very smart, but he has GAPS.  With him having Autism I think it gives him a few extra challenges and benefits in home schooling him.  

With this program, I was able to have both kids take a short assessment that tested their ability to successfully complete different levels of major math concept.  By doing this it helps determine their current skill level. By completing these assessments we were able to see exactly where Kaden and Mahala were as far as their appropriate grade level in skill.  Mahala was unfortunately behind a year or so in certain areas.  And Kaden was 3 years ahead of his current grade level.  After taking the placement tests they were each given a specifically designed lesson plan to fill each gap.  In the Picture above you will see the concepts in the 5th grade that he mastered and those he needed to learn.  Also, you see in the gray concepts he didn't try yet.  We decided 5th grade is where he should work on and then come back and retest.  I also loved that you can take them over again too.  The questions are timed and this was a little overwhelming for Kaden, but out of 4 different assessments he only timed out with one question.  So, it's not a discouraging factor in my mind.  Kaden skipped around on this specific assessment and we found that he needed to fill in some gaps, or in his situation just learn.  Mahala had a lot of gaps and we were thankful to get a wonderfully simple plan to get her where she needs to be.  We need Lesson Plans!!

When you are at the Dashboard you take your Placement Test and then you receive your results.  Next you can view your Kiddo's reports, very easy access. :)  The lesson plan gives you everything you need to get your child caught up! All your child needs to do is simply follow their lesson plan as it teaches them and allows them practice with interactive questions and answers.   They will also work through extra worksheets to master the skills and concepts needed to move forward. 
Good News is that you, the parent receives all the reports on their progress immediately after they complete the work! 

Our Family used this daily during the school week.  I would have them start the assessments each morning.  I let them pick the one or two for the day.  And then they did the worksheets needed if they did not master the concept.  If they mastered them I had them continue until they did 4 lessons or worksheets for at least one concept.  It was really important for us to get this all figured out, so we could kind of start next year with a fresh start.  The kiddos both enjoyed the program and Mahala's exact words were, "It wasn't as Painful as I thought it was going to be"!  I think we found a winner here.  I would HIGHLY suggest if you have a child in the school system or you homeschool them, you should try this Placement.  Just see where your child is, give them the extra foot in the door.   It is very easy to use and it truly does show you where the gaps are and gives you the tools you need to FIX those gaps.  I think this would be a great Summer supplements, because it's a 3 month Subscription.  How perfect is that!?!   We will definitely use this again in a year or so to see where we are once again.  If you still aren't sure if your Kiddo will benefit, try an assessment for free!  Do it, you will be glad that you did, promise.

 From now until May18, 2015 you can get the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan on SALE for 40-50% off!! But only for a limited time--so don't wait!

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A+ Interactive Math Review

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