Clued in Kids~ REVIEW


This next Review was an exciting, blood pumping kind of Review.  Clued in Kids gifted us two sets of their Manic Mom Kiddo approved Treasure Hunt packs.  We were given the Playdate Clue Pad ($8.99) and the Multiplication Dragon Treasure Hunt ($19.99) set too. These packs are geared for Kiddos 4 and up and can be used for one child up to 10 Kiddos at a time.


The Forbidden Book~ REVIEW


We are coming to a close on our Review year for 2014 already.  I was pleased to hear that New Liberty Videos asked the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review several of their videos.  The Kiddos and I decided to go with The Forbidden Book DVD: The history of the English Bible($19.95).  We are on a quest right now reading through the Bible together and have never learned about the conception or preserving of our Bible. 
Brian Barker is the producer of New Liberty Videos and has been working in the Movie Industry for 40+ years.  Before he started this adventure he was employed by Universal Studios in Hollywood as an Editor on several TV shows, like B.J. And the Bear and Quincy


Middlebury Interactive Languages ~REVIEW


Foreign language is a hot topic in our house, we have a thirst for it.  I was very eager to try Middlebury Interactive Languages' High school German 1 Course.  We were kindly given a full Semester of classes a few weeks ago.  I was never given the opportunity to learn a foreign language growing up.  It has been something I have true regret not pursuing a language as a college student or even as a young mom.  Now I have immersed myself in Italian and German.  My Kiddos will and do have many opportunities to learn as many languages as possible.  I feel knowing another language opens up a new part of the world for you to explore and enjoy.  


Morning Tea with Me

What is your Favorite Fruit?  Mine is the glorious Blueberry.  I love them and they just happen to be my most favorite color Blueish Purple.

Growing up in the south there was only one acceptable drink....sweet tea.  Now that I've been a CA girl for the past 14 years that's just not the case in our house.  We still love tea, we just like it with a teaspoon or so of honey or agave.  :)  And let's not forget the glorious cup of hot tea.  With the weather starting to get colder I enjoy several cups of tea a day.  This morning I started with Rishi Tea's loose leaf Organic Blueberry Rooibos.  

I used to not buy loose leaf.  But, recently I have made the switch for most of my teas.  I taste the fibery bag when I don't use loose leaf now.  I never tasted it before, but now it's like Hello...your drinking paper here!!!!!
Call me crazy, go ahead...it is aloud here. :)  Anyway, back to the tea.  It has Ahhhhhmazing smooth flavor that will get your mornings off to a refreshing start.  Who needs coffee after a cup or two of this?  Not me, my coffee maker looks a little jealous over there, but that's ok   I still have a little room in my heart for him. :)


Apologia iWitness Books~ REVIEW

 Everyone knows I Love Books, any new Book on my shelf makes me one Happy Momma.  And I was definitely a Happy Momma when I received 3 New Books from Apologia Educational Ministries to Review.  Here are the Books we were able to Enjoy:
All 3 books are written and designed by Doug Powell.  They are $14 each and Geared for Kiddos 11 yrs old and up.
I Love all things Apologia has to offer.  Kaden thought his Math book came from them the other day, just because he sees their name all over our house. :)  Every single product they offer has not only been a Blessing to our Family's education, but also Spiritually.  The iWitness books were no different then all of their other amazing products.  


Painting Pumpkins with Purpose!

Little Man is so thrilled to do pumpkins this year.  And even though every time we get out the paint I have to do a touch up job on the walls, wash curtains and toss whatever clothes he has on in the trash....it's still worth it to me.  We went yesterday to the Pumpkin Patch, I'll post about that tomorrow.  We had several hiccups throughout the day, but we made it through in one piece.

So, today in order to get ready for the Start of Holiday Season we started with painting pumpkins.  We are saving the Big Guys for carving.  Kaden is a very messy, but purposeful painter.  Every action is not wasted, he has a purpose for everything.  From the napkin under his pumpkin all the way to every stern smile he gives his little masterpiece in order to make it just so.  I Love how he makes his messes, truly I'm not kidding.  I'll tell you why....He enjoys every second or every project.  The feel of the cold squishy paint in his little fists give him pleasure and reminds him of all the other fun times he's had with paint.  As he smears it across the table, paper or even his clothes he gleams with the excitement the different textures tells his little brain.  He doesn't just look at his painted pumpkin and think job well done.  He looks at his painted pumpkin and sees a symphony of possibilities.  He sees a masterpiece of sounds, feelings, vibrations and visual stories all woven into a blissful mental retreat.  Yes, a retreat because there are no rules for him during art.  He can be and do what he wants here, there is no worry for him to stay between the lines.  I know so many times and activities, like the pumpkin patch yesterday we try to make our Spectrum guys look and act more Typical.  Why do we do that?????  Literally, I'm asking myself that right now!


Life Behind My Eyes~Meditation

Have you ever Meditated before?  I thought about this the other day, because I have been going through treatment for PTSD and some recent trauma I've had lately.  We have been doing weekly meditation during our sessions that I feel have made a difference in my life.  Since starting my weekly sessions with my new found friend that does cost a pretty penny I have seen many areas of my life improve.  I have been able to improve myself, forgive myself and truly understand the rattle that takes place between my two ears every single day. :) 

I started very recently meditating outside of sessions.  I've read that there are Emotional Benefits like:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
  • Building skills to manage your stress
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Focusing on the present
  • Reducing negative emotions
 Research also suggests that meditation may help people manage Symptoms of Conditions like:
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Pain
  • Sleep problems
I don't know about you, but I suffer from quite a few of these little gems.  So, I thought what do I have to loose....nothing but the pain and suffering. :) 

I began by simply recreating my therapy sessions at home.  I have created this sort of safe place in my head.  I'm surrounded by God's white light and his Love envelopes me, this creates safety for me.  And then I release all that ails me and soon I'm floating amongst the stars and swirls of all that protects and gives me comfort.  Do I chant?  No.  Do I sit in weird positions?  No.  What about surrounded by candles and burning incense?  No, but that might be quite nice. :)

Please remember I have done no formal research on meditation and honestly I see no real reason to do so at this time.  Right now I'm just concentrating on letting go and harnessing only what is good in my life.  So many times in my life I have done just the opposite.  I would hold onto what I thought I needed to.  I would surround myself with the typical daily expectations of a person's life.  My eyes have been opened to a world that I knew was right within reach, but was too blind to see it clearly enough.  Now, I have a front row...centered seat to see all the possibilities that are there for me.
Praying You are Blessed Today!


Sweet Pic

There is something almost spiritual about a yummy cinnamon bun with hot, gooey icing all over it.  I just had to post this pic in case your looking for something Sweet in your life!! :)


Preschoolers and Peace~ Review

I was given the opportunity to Review an ebook written by Mother of 8, Kendra Fletcher from Preschoolers and Peace.  When I told my Husband the title of the book he was a little surprised I would want to read it.  Only because we currently don't have any Preschoolers running through our house. :)  I wanted to read Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the little ones at your feet because having a Kiddo on the Spectrum can sometimes feel like you have more then one Preschooler in your home.  I figured hey I'm struggling over here...any help I can get is a Blessing.  So, I was ready to get my cup filled!!

I started out reading this 40+ page book with the intent to get a few pointers and ideas for a smoother day with Kaden.  What I found was much more.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Kendra begins her book with a short story how she let homeschooling define who she was.  I enjoyed reading her story, it instantly put me into the right frame of mind that I needed to start my school year off right.  Her personality radiates through her words, I feel like I personally know her.  I loved that! :)  She made me feel like right now where I'm at is OK, I should have no shame and I'm not alone.  Thank You!