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This next Review was an exciting, blood pumping kind of Review.  Clued in Kids gifted us two sets of their Manic Mom Kiddo approved Treasure Hunt packs.  We were given the Playdate Clue Pad ($8.99) and the Multiplication Dragon Treasure Hunt ($19.99) set too. These packs are geared for Kiddos 4 and up and can be used for one child up to 10 Kiddos at a time.

Helen Bertelli had a childhood Dream while growing up in England to earn her living making Treasure Hunts for kids.  She would spread her creative gift of putting on the best treasure hunts for the kids in her neighborhood.  This carried over of course once she moved to America and had Kiddos of her own.  Helen saw the value of children's health, by keeping them up and active not at a computer desk or slumped in front of the TV.  Being Creative and making the most amazing memories together while learning something.  Her Motto is, "Treasure the Journey"!  I Love her Motto....Love it!  
Having a Kiddo on the Spectrum I understand the difficulty to keep your Kiddo active.  He doesn't want to do ANYTHING.....EVER!  The other day after I took his tablet away for the rest of the day, he gets a limited amount each day.   He said and I quote, "Mother, you are taking a piece of me away, my soul is crushed....truly crushed."  He is 7 years old, are you kidding me????  But, this is life today and we as Parents and Teachers can do something about it.  Clued in Kids now enters the room......

There are so many Hunts to pick from, here are just a few.
Baseball (printable)
Christmas Treasure Hunt Greeting Card
Gluten-Free Treasure Hunt (printable)
Halloween (printable)
Happy Tummy Treasure Hunt (printable)
  Homework Reward Treasure Hunt (printable) You can get this Treasure Hunt for FREE just by subscribing to the Clued in Kids newsletter! 
  Pirate Clue Book
Princess Clue Book
 Slumber Party Clue Book  
Thanksgiving (printable) 
Winter (printable) 
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The two Hunts my Family received were the Playdate Clue Pad and the Multiplication Dragon Treasure Hunt.  Kaden has a huge social delay and any help we can give him on playdates the better.  So, when I saw this option I jumped at the chance.  I would have pictures to share, but modern technology is not always on my side when it comes to saving pictures instead of magically deleting them.  Or I could just have a fast huge finger.  Whatever we just have to imagine for a minute what it would look like.  First off the packs are great, the pictures are nice and clear.  Not to kiddie for the older kids and yet they are simplifies for even the littles in your Family.  It's very easy on the Parent or Teacher to use, I love great directions that cover everything needed.  The clues you will see give the Kids challenges like counting chocolate chips on cookies, make their way through mazes and crack secret codes.  Kaden normally wants nothing to do with this kind of thing.  His idea of fun is taking the little fuzz balls off his socks and arranging them by size.  So, you can imagine the task that I have before me to get him to enjoy the company of another child his own age.  
It was lovely, more for the other children but I was expecting that.  Kaden did let out a chuckle and a few smiles as he raced to figure out each clue.  His feed back to me was..."why haven't we done these before?"  That is a huge compliment to Helen and her Treasure Hunts.  At least to my little guy he was able to bring the barrier down just long enough to see what was on the other side.  Such a good day!
 photo 29c200e9-d170-4ca3-b2bc-e29436b549bb_zps6eb18ac5.png 
The other set was a Printable version, the Multiplication Dragon Treasure Hunt.  Kaden already knows his multiplication, but on days when he is easily overwhelmed or not able to do any school work for the day it would be nice to have something to review.  There is always room for improvement he always tells me. 
This hunt was also fun for him.  He has a slower recall when there are people around or if the atmosphere is not the exact same as it always is.  So, having him do this is good for teaching him that you can cut loose a little.  Things don't have to be so ridged.  This hunt has puzzles, riddles and other cool activities that teach multiplication while giving your Kiddo a wild adventure around your home.  Expect lot's of Smiles from this, you may not be used to that with Math time.  :)

Did I Love this Product?  Yes, I loved it a lot and there are so many more Clued in Kids Treasure Hunt Packs that I will be purchasing.  This would make an Excellent Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.  Birthday party bag favors instead of that little plastic stuff that everyone ends up tossing in the trash.  Let me know what packs you end up purchasing, I would love to hear your adventures and see some pictures.  Remember....stay away from the trash can icon! :)
 Here is a Video to show You how it Works!!!

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