Morning Tea with Me

What is your Favorite Fruit?  Mine is the glorious Blueberry.  I love them and they just happen to be my most favorite color Blueish Purple.

Growing up in the south there was only one acceptable drink....sweet tea.  Now that I've been a CA girl for the past 14 years that's just not the case in our house.  We still love tea, we just like it with a teaspoon or so of honey or agave.  :)  And let's not forget the glorious cup of hot tea.  With the weather starting to get colder I enjoy several cups of tea a day.  This morning I started with Rishi Tea's loose leaf Organic Blueberry Rooibos.  

I used to not buy loose leaf.  But, recently I have made the switch for most of my teas.  I taste the fibery bag when I don't use loose leaf now.  I never tasted it before, but now it's like Hello...your drinking paper here!!!!!
Call me crazy, go ahead...it is aloud here. :)  Anyway, back to the tea.  It has Ahhhhhmazing smooth flavor that will get your mornings off to a refreshing start.  Who needs coffee after a cup or two of this?  Not me, my coffee maker looks a little jealous over there, but that's ok   I still have a little room in my heart for him. :)

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