Awake in God's Love

Life is getting to be a little more normal around here.  We had a huge Family situation back in December and honestly it has taken till recently for me to understand that I am not going to die from it.  I can say the silver lining, the light at the end of the tunnel.  I feel like a weight has been lifted and I know It's because my relationship with God has increased.  Let me rephrase that...my relationship with God now exists.  It has been awakened because nothing else was going to change what we were going through.  Finding comfort and strength through him has once again pulled me out of a deep pit.  I am forever thankful for his Love and Unfailing Faithfulness to me.

Up until recently just taking care of the basics in my home has been about all I could manage to do.  Everything has taken a back burner so that our Family could heal and recover.  We are a Strong Family as long as God is in the Middle.  I know now it's not a Strong Mom that keeps a Family together.  It's a Strong God, Our God that keeps a Family together. 
Thank You Lord so much for Scooping me up in Your Loving arms during this time of need.  I feel like I can walk again...still tightly holding your hand.  I'm never letting go again....Never!

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