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I was recently given the PDF version of the book, A Life in Balance by the Learning Breakthrough Program to Review. I thought that A Life in Balance, which was written by Frank Belgau (as told to Eric Belgau) was very fascinating to me.  
I was totally excited to see what other options I had to offer Kaden and my Mahala.  Kaden is our Sweet Spectrum Kiddo and Mahala has been newly diagnosed with ADD.  Our oldest, Skylar who just turned 20 last month was diagnosed with Dislexia back in 2nd grade.  The Educational System slapped him into a Special Education class and basically gave up on him.  Finally, when he was in the 6th grade I brought him and Mahala home.  I knew I could give them a better education right here at home.  Now that Skylar has graduated he has an amazing job working with Kids with Autism and in College.  I would say he has done well for himself.  

In his book, Frank Belgau starts out by telling us a bit about his past.  We really get to know the real him as a person and see how his life shapped into this Amazing Breakthrough.  And this is where you see the starting point for his discoveries in learning. Being able to read the details of Frank’s life was truly enjoyable for me, he is an Educational Pioneer.  He tells you his experience about life growing up in a large Family with very smart siblings all the way to his time being in the Military loving the hands on learning of life as a mechanic.

I was choked up when Frank described about being bullied because of his educational challenges, and how he was treated differently in school. In shock I read that every year, the students in his school had to take an IQ test.  After the Teachers received the results of the test the Kids were assigned their seats in the classroom accordingly to their scores. The highest scoring Kiddos were placed in the front row, with the lower scoring kids behind them, and the very lowest was placed in the back row. That was where Frank sat, along with one other boy with an even lower score than he had scored. And unfortunately that boy ended up being a bully to him.

While reading this book I'm reminded of the teasing Skylar went through and the negativity he experienced even from the teachers.  His last teacher, before we started to homeschool had a conference with me.  She told me when I questioned her about the lack of Math Skylar did each week, that what she gave him was all that he could do.  Once we took him out he was at a 3rd-4th grade level, but I'm proud to say when he graduated he was doing Physics.  :)


Frank’s methods were a little on the unconventional side. His tests and theories were based on physical exercises and moves that fit more with Exercise than with Reading. But, hey...there was something happening that could not be denied. What Frank was doing was actually working. He was seeing significant changes even among children who had been told they were “unteachable.”  That would have been my Son, Skylar.  

This program has been known to help people dealing with the following issues, all without medication. 
*Key words here are Without Medication!!*
  •     ADHD/ADD
  •     Dyslexia
  •     Dyspraxia - Coordination
  •     Dysgraphia - Handwriting
  •     Dyscalculia - Math
  •     CAPD - Auditory Processing
  •     Speech and Language
  •     Autism Spectrum Disorders
  •     Aspergers Syndrome
  •     Behavior
  •     Sensory Processing Disorder
  •     Brain Injury and Stroke
The Answers are not just in the book, the actual Kit can be purchased from their Website.  Included are things like a unique balance board, swinging pendulum balls, and other tools to do the exercises mentioned in the book.  There are plenty of suggestions for analyzing children's movement to gain insight into their learning abilities by using many of the activities in the book.

You can take your kids on a “Space Walk”.  A fun way to take some of Frank’s finding and put them into action right away.   You can group the activities of the Space Walk into the following categories: 
Walking, Hopping, Skipping and Rhythmic Hopping.

I would recommend A Life in Balance to any Parent or Teacher who wishes to help their Kiddo reach their fullest potential.  Some older Teens may find this book very interesting.  Skylar is in the process of reading it now.  The book can be purchased for $16.94 at the Learning Breakthrough website

Here is a link to a full video that also talks about the program.

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