Home Therapy.... No More?

Life with 30 hours of in-home therapy is not the easiest pill to swallow.  I am so thankful that we work with an amazing company and our behavioral technicians are outstanding.  But, if the lack of privacy and shackling to your house doesn't get to you then your child's constant protesting and out of control behaviors will.  
If you haven't figured out yet that Kaden has had a bad day then surprise...he's had a bad day.  It's been a bad few days.  I have been slowly decreasing his hours because I want there to be more Family Time.  I have cut back on writing, social media and basically anything that doesn't involve the Family.  I Love being with the Kiddos, they are so important to me.  
Last week Kaden ended up only having therapy Monday and Tuesday.  By Friday night I could see a huge decrease in his ability to have appropriate facial expressions (they were so overly exaggerated) and his behavior was violent towards himself with lot's of negative self talk.  Our Family just bonded together to basically "get through" his Behaviors.  I hate to say it, but we couldn't have done it solo.

I want there to be a day where we don't have in-home therapy, but whenever he has a few days off his behaviors are off the charts.   Praying and weeding through Autism....please Pray with me!

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