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We were given Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set to Review from Logic of English.  I had never heard of this Curriculum before and was excited to get started.  Essentials: Logic of English is a Complete Language Arts Program that covers Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Writing.  

I Love that it's presented in a Common Sense way. 
Essentials is recommended for ages 7 to adult. It can be used by struggling readers and spellers, emerging readers and spellings, ESL students or anyone needing to fine tune their English skills.  It provides Multi-Sensory activities and works well with all learning styles.  

Here you see in the Optional Activities they use letters to represent if the work has Visual, Kinesthetic, Creative or Auditory components in it.  That's a HIGH 5 for me, because that tells me in a second if it will or will not work along with Kaden's learning style.

 I received the complete Essentials set which includes:
  • Essentials Teacher’s Manual
  • Essentials Student Workbook available in Manuscript or Cursive
  • Spelling Journal
  • Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Spelling Rule Flash Cards
  • Grammar Rule Flash Cards
  • Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Game Book
  • Game Card decks
  • Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference Chart
The whole set costs $243.  You can get the Teacher’s Manual, Student Workbook, Spelling Journal, and Game Book in PDF version.  That would work great for multiple Kiddos.
The Teacher's Manual has suggestions and schedules for struggling readers and spellers, struggling spellers, emerging readers and spellers, and ESL students.  Kaden is at least 5 grades above reading level and can spell well above his grade level.  But, there are words that trip him up because of "sneaky" rules and spelling exceptions.  So, I decided to go with the flow and not stick to one certain schedule and kind of did our own thing.  
He ended up spending about 30 minutes 3 times a week in the workbook.  Kaden is very Factual and Rule Based, so this Language Arts Program was perfect for him.  The lessons are straight to the point, but long.   So, I had to simplify them and get through what I could while I had his attention.   

When it comes to Language Arts I have to admit I'm a bit lost.  I don't know how I graduated.  :)  So I was kind of  Overwhelmed when I first opened the box.  But, the Teacher’s manual includes sample schedules to help you sort out a typical day.  It also gives you things to know before you get started, a break down of an actual lesson and how to teach each section.  I was also very pleased to find lots of tips and teacher resources!

The curriculum is divided into 40 lessons, with every 5th one being an Assessment and Review.  Believe it or not, that was Kaden's Favorite part!! :)  Each of the lessons are broken into three parts. 

Part 1 focuses on Phonograms, Exploring Sounds, and Spelling Rules.  
This is where Kaden needed the most help.  We spent most of our time in Part 1.  I had him showing me different sounds with his hands and mouth.  The Phonograms was a new concept to me.  I didn't learn them when I was younger.  Kaden was excited to be the 1st with "formal training".  HAHAHAHA  When he wrote the new sounds and rules I had him draw pictures and make a book for reference.  Yes, it was additional work, but it was reinforcing what he was doing in the Workbook and with the Flash Cards.
I will admit it was very challenging, because what he hears and sees is totally different.  :)  But, learning the Rules has made such a HUGE improvement.

Part 2 consists of Spelling Dictation and Analysis of each spelling word.  This was always kept very short for Kaden.  He needs a lot of handwriting help.   

Part 3 was also a challenge for him, but if i broke it up over a few days I noticed him really grasping and retaining what he learned.  This part of the lesson consisted of Grammar, Composition, Vocabulary and Dictation.   Most of the work in the Grammar is done with a lot of Q & A in the student’s workbook.   The Dictation section has students doing short, simple phrases and quickly moves into longer sentences. 
The Composition encourages the students to write with the words they are learning with the spelling and grammar rules.   The Vocabulary portion shows students how to make compound words and add prefixes, suffixes to their new words.



Also, the Phonogram and Spelling Game book was such a TREAT!  Sometimes it was the first thing he wanted to do on days we weren't even doing Language Arts.  His Favorite games were the Phonogram Tic-Tac-Toe, Type the Words, Spelling Baseball and Rotten Eggs.  
I Love how Big these cards are!  We put the cards we were using for the week up on the fridge.  We Practiced Flash cards while we waited for Mahala at softball practice.  I would highly suggest getting a little box to keep them all in.

 Why do I Love this Language Arts Program? 
*  It's straightforward and there is No frills.  That's Kaden's favorite thing about it too.  
*  That it takes 5 minutes to look over the portion of lesson we were working on for that day and it didn't take hours.
*  That it's complete and fits a large age range.
 *  It teaches the Reason Why instead of Just Because.
*  Lot's of Games and the lessons are easy to tailor to your kiddo's needs.
What I wish was different
*  I want to say the cost, but you get SO MUCH I hate to say it, but for a lot of Budgets it may not work.
*  It's not a program that your Kiddo can work Independently on.  

So, what did I think of  Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set?  I Loved it and feel real Blessed for having it in my little Homeschooling hands.  I most definitely think this program it wonderful for anyone who is a struggling readers or spellers.  Someone who is learning to read and spell.  Learning the no nonsense kind of way has proven to work at least for all of us in the Manic Mom household.

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