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Math has never been my Favorite Subject....we all know this.  To be honest, in School I would do almost anything to get out of Math Class.  That being said, I have enjoyed freshening up my Math skills the past few weeks with the Mastering 5th Grade Math- Volume 1 Essentials of Fractions DVD from ScienceandMath.com.  The Kids and I had the opportunity to Review this Math DVD Course Created by Jason Gibson. 

Jason Gibson is the Creator of ScienceandMath.com.  He's been Creating Award Winning Science and Math videos since 2004.  You can hear his Enthusiasm and Passion for Science and Math in his voice, and I could use a Lot of Help in that Department!   
I want to ensure my Kiddos don't just know enough Math to pass a Test, but that it's really Concreted into their Brains.  I want them to want to be Hungry to Learn and Discover.  
I agree with Jason when he said, "Unfortunately, in the public school system students never learn how to use Math.  We spend an insane amount of time trying to teach fractions and algebra, but never show why it is useful".  I think that was where I became lost in the Math Shuffle.  I was one of those Kids that needed to "See" the Math in Action not just be fed directions on how to get the Answers.


ScienceandMath.com offers several Great products, pictured Above is the one we were Blessed to Review.
(Physical DVD with worksheet)
The DVD includes 16 lessons that average about 10 minutes or so long.  Very doable for even the antsiest Kiddo.  You will also get another Disc filled with Printable Worksheets to help your Kiddo Concrete the concepts they just learned.  What I did was printed them out and then put them into a Protective Sleeve so Kaden could use a Dry erase marker on it.  That way they can be used over and over. :)  
This particular course is recommended for grades 4th - 6th.  I suggest looking below at some of the Samples to see if it's Right for your Kiddo.  Kaden just turned 7 and not only did he Enjoy the Course, but he asked to do it and retained the info Jason was teaching him.  

Another HUGE Bonus is that Mastering 5th Grade Math Volume 1 is priced at an Affordable $15.99 for a DVD or $14.99 for the Downloadable Version.   

Here is What Your Kiddo will Learn:
Lesson 1: Review of Fraction Concepts [View a Sample]
Lesson 2: Writing Fractions as Words
Lesson 3: Finding Factors of Numbers
Lesson 4: Finding the Greatest Common Factor
Lesson 5: Finding the GCF of 3 Numbers
Lesson 6: Prime Factorization [View a Sample]
Lesson 7: Equivalent Fractions [View a Sample]
Lesson 8: Renaming Fractions    
Lesson 9: Simplifying Fractions, Part 1
Lesson 10:
 Simplifying Fractions, Part 2
Lesson 11: Review of Improper Fractions
Lesson 12: Review of Mixed Fractions
Lesson 13: Writing Mixed Fractions as Improper Fractions
Lesson 14: Writing Improper Fractions as Mixed Fractions
Lesson 15: Thinking of Fractions as Division
Lesson 16: Writing Whole Numbers as Fractions 

Even though we are working on a Math Curriculum this year we used this Math Course as a Morning Brain Jogger during Breakfast.  After he would watch a Lesson I would have him complete a worksheet and then we would go over it.  The next day I would have him "Teach" Mahala what he learned the day before and then complete another worksheet.  I would also use the DVD as a way to earn extra Bonus points for Computer Time.  I was pleased to see Kaden ask to watch a Lesson while waiting for Dinner or while waiting for everyone to load in the van to go run an errand.   

Will we be using more Products from ScienceandMath.com?  Yes we will, I already have an Online basket filled with Goodies for this Summer.  
*I Love the Simplicity of the Program and the Price for such a Quality Educational Tool.  
*Mahala said she Enjoyed Jason's approach at Teaching each lesson.  Her Confidence has been Boosted just with this one Video alone.  I look forward to seeing how much more confidence she will gain after a whole year of using this Program.  
*And last but not least, Kaden says he liked that it was straight to the point and not dumbed down.  His exact words, not mine.  

As You can see My Family Loved ScienceandMath.com, but take a look at some more Reviews down Below.  My Blogging Buddies tried some of the other ScienceandMath.com Products. 
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