Kaden Found Inner Peace!

Okay...I hope you are ready for a ton of pictures.  Kaden has been learning all about Japan for the past 2 weeks. 
We have learned about their Religion, tasty foods, short phrases and some of their most important Holidays. 

I will post some of the other projects we did, like Origami cranes, Paper Kimonos, Flying Carp and paper making later.

We have been busy!!!  But, the one project Kaden really got in to was the Zen Garden.
After we read about the art of keeping a Zen Garden, we had to give it a try. :)  We were looking for inner peace. :)

 Kaden poured some beach sand in an old baking tray and added some rocks for decoration.  We were going to make a rake with some wood pieces we had in the bottom of our craft drawers.  But, Kaden was in much need of "Inner Peace" that we grabbed a plastic fork instead.  HAHAHAHAHAH

He raked the sand, smoothed the sand and poured it all over the place and himself.  He loved the texture on his hands and arms. 

Kaden even enjoyed a little Math with the rocks.  He will add, subtract, multiply or divide jut about anything he gets his little hands on. 

I also would make shapes and then he would try and make them too.  He concentrated on the sand and he was very relaxed until he started putting the sand on himself.  Then the inner peace went out the door and it was a Sand storm....literally!  HAHAHAHA

But, look at that face....how could you tell him to stop?  I just enjoyed watching him have a GREAT time!

After the sand storm he decided to add water.  Then there was Mud....everywhere.  It was funny because as we were finishing up, two of Kaden's Behavioral Therapists showed up and joined in on the fun. 

We had a Blast and Kaden was able to get some Stimming out, satisfy his Sensory need, Relax, do a little Math, History, Science and work on some Fine Motor Skills.  That's a TALL order for a baking sheet, some sand, rocks, water and a plastic fork. 

Gosh, I love simple!!!!

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