More ABA Hours on My Wish List.....

We are looking to get more ABA hours for the first part of each day during our Homeschooling time.  Not sure if they are on board to do it, but when I'm on a mission to accomplish something, dang it I get it done!  So today I sat and wrote out during our school time each problem area that I noticed.  Lot's of focus issues and staying in his seat.  Things that my other two kiddos I could say Hey....sit your butt down and let's get to work and they would actually do it.  Kaden, would look at me like I was crazy and probably go into a long explanation for the reason he is doing the behavior that I want to stop along with a lengthy meltdown.  Not such a fun thing, when you are on a tight schedule because you have to be ready for the ABA Team invasion to enter your house.

I would like him to use some of his ABA hours for learning how to be more independent, both with tending to himself and academically.  Now if it works great, if not then at least we tried.  We tried 7 months to get him to not eat with his hands.  Did it work?????  NO!  Do I care?????  NO, but at least we tried and when we go out he tries hard to use some sort of utensil, even if it's toothpicks.  Don't even ask..........

I have some great notes and will be making my point to the Team on Friday.  I hope we can get the hours, fingers crossed!!!  I know for them it might be hard to wrap their heads around the homeschool day setting.  So, watching it in action  should be all they need.

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