Kaden Found Inner Peace!

Okay...I hope you are ready for a ton of pictures.  Kaden has been learning all about Japan for the past 2 weeks. 
We have learned about their Religion, tasty foods, short phrases and some of their most important Holidays. 


How Wet Can Your Bible get?

We Love to read the Bible together as a Family!!  And one of our Favorite places to do it is around the campfire while we are camping.  But, nobody ever wants to offer up their Bible to take along with us.  So, we take turns and Pray for a safe return.  My Oldest double bags his in a Ziploc bag.  :D
This Summer the only thing that will be in our Ziploc bags are snacks and toiletries!!!!  Why you ask?  Well, because I had the privilege to give a Review on the Waterproof Bible!!  Yes, you read correctly....Waterproof- Inside & Out!   As if it couldn't get any better it's even Stain Resistant.  :D


Mom...the ooka Elves are Reading!!

Early Reading Program for Preschoolers 

I have to say that Ooka Island is the coolest little Island ever!  I was so excited to get to review this kind of a Reading Program.  Kaden loves Computer games and Reading is one of his favorite things in the world to do.  Perfect fit....Content Child = Happy Mom!
Ooka Island is an adventurous computer game that teaches early literacy to kids from Pre-K to 2nd grade.   And even though Kaden reads at a higher level he enjoyed the games and saving the Ooka Elves.  He literally would wake up some mornings and ask if he could go save an elf today!!! :)


Just Under the Sun!

 It was suppppppper hot the other day and we decided to finish up a lesson we had started a few weeks ago about the Sun.  We did many experiments that afternoon before therapy.  I have asked for afternoon sessions, because it's much harder to get him to focus in the later part of the day then first thing in the morning.  I am happy to report that we are now officially afternoon!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

I'll post some more pics tomorrow along with our experiments.  Here is a glimpse of an Exhausted Kaden lounging in my lap after a long morning under the Sun.


Never Too Busy to Bento....

 Kaden say Hello!!!  Been Supper Busy Lately, trying to get to a place to begin our Summer schooling!!!!  YAY!  I like to make Summer School more Fun and Interest Based, so I have been Busy Planning. 
Here are a few of Kaden's Bentos from this week.....He actually helped me make these three!  He's such a little Helper.