Kaden is Getting a Bento......

Everyone knows we have a HARD time getting Kaden to eat his food.  And when we do get him to eat, it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R for him to finish.  And he gets it all over him like he's trying out for the Cutest Clown in the WORLD contest.  Believe it or not he Loves fruits and veggies!!!  Don't get me wrong, he isn't at the table "tantruming"it up because there happens to be carrots on his plate.  It goes more like this:

On the plate we have cut up chicken, spinach with tomatoes, mashed potatoes and a salad.  He will say everything is gross and why does it need to look this way or smell that way.  Then he will bypass the fork and pick up a chicken cube and some lettuce and chew for 10 minutes.  During that time he will put some spinach to his mouth and zone out and basically his face will turn a not so bright shade of green.  Then, like always he will sort the items in the salad and maybe try another bite of something, but hold it up to his mouth like a squirrel and munch till it's gone.  Now during all this he will get up and down several times.  He wont leave the room, just drift from one person to another until he's told to sit back down and work on having a quiet body.  :)  And one of two things will happen.  He will be eerily quiet.  Or he will be talking 90 miles a minute about Starcraft or Math, stimming all the way.  Usually after an hour 1/3 of his food will be gone, unless it's like his Ultimate favorite food.  But, even then he is NEVER done when we are all done.
Some people have said that I should take his food away once we are all done.  I tried that and you know what??  He's fine with that, shows no emotion.  So, it doesn't help to limit his time, he will simply just not eat.  We supplement his meals with pediasure, no more then 3 a week.  And he takes his vitamins and fiber daily.

So, I have been wanting to find a way to get him interested in food and to try and make it crazy hands friendly.  :)  So I think I have found my answer....Bento Boxed Meals! 
He ate all of this right under an hour!!
With the tight small compartments I can fit several different types of food.  Make some cute shapes out of otherwise boring looking fruit and use little tiny food pics for easy handling. 

I love this Blog I found called Small Potatoes......she is Amazing!!!!!  And she is as Bento Crazy as I Want to be!!!  :D  You must head over there right now and give her a Warm, Manic Mom Hello!!!  Here is a Link to her latest post.....Kaden sooooooooooo wants this Bento Box and Momma is gonna get it for him!
 I'll post pics of His different meals as we get started o this new food journey.
Anyone else Rock the Bento Box for Lunch?

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