Bento Cuteness!!!!!

Here is my Box of Cuteness!

YAY!!!!  Today is a Happy Day!!!!  Why, you ask?  Because it's Bento Box in the Mail Day!!!  Ok, what I mean is 2 days ago I slapped down my credit card number and clicked a bunch of cute things and the mail man happily delivered them this morning with a BIG smile.  I think he knew it was a BIG Box of Cuteness.  That or it's just one day away from being FRIDAY!!!!
Anyway.......now for the good stuff....PICTURES of all my Bento Cuteness!!!!

I love these little Picks!  Kaden has a hard time with a fork, so this is Perfect.

These are called Baran, they are little dividers for your boxes.  A must!

3 Tier Box for Kaden to have for ready made snacks in fridge.

Cute Cut outs and Faces for decoration.

More cut outs and small containers.

Picks and more Picks!!!

Egg and Rice molds

Sandwich press and more small containers
That's about it for now!  This morning Kaden asked if he was going to get a bento box for breakfast.  I felt bad when I told him no that Mom was too busy last night and didn't make one.  He looked soooooo disappointed, but said that it was ok. 

It takes a little extra time to make them each day, but the smiles and appreciation makes it all worth it to me!!!

Make someone Smile Today....give them a Bento Box!!!!

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