Vacation Time on the West Coast

Trying to plan our annual voyage to Malibu.  Was late planning this year, so it looks like we won't be going till late summer.  But, we can't imagine not going.  Love, love, love this place!!!  I could live on the beach forever, unfortunately this beach is expensive.  Just give me a small patch somewhere, without so many digits in it's price. HAHAHAHA
We have such a fun time camping.  It ranks up there with holidays in my book.  I do have it down to a science now.  With packing, organizing and planning what we are going to do when we get there and on the way.  I'll post tips later when it's closer to time.  We will be going to the Redwoods in early summer, so I'll post then.  Redwoods are beautiful too.  We didn't go the last 2 years....I don't know why.  Just didn't make it.  But, when you are there you really can see the beauty God has created.  These trees are amazing, will take your breath away.

Well, I'm off to play play-doh.......


Which came First......

We are studying the Ancients right now.  There is a lot to learn from the people of long ago.  Listen at me, I can almost hear the harps playing in the back ground.
I wish I could tell you that we have a strict curriculum that we follow, but then I would be telling you a lie.  And we all know President Abe himself could not do it, so I shall not as well.  That is a whole other era in History, let's get back to the Ancients.
I hated History, I couldn't tell you who came first Columbus or Ponce de Leon.  But, I wanted a different experience for my kids.  Our kids are a lot like us, so I have a good feel on what may bore them and how to keep their interest long enough so they can get the most out of what I'm trying to teach them. I have used different curriculums and I decided about a month ago that I am going to start from the beginning of time and move forward.  We are using DK's Definitive Visual Guide and this amazing and HUGE timeline in a book form.  We use netflix, Internet sites and the library for extra sources.  It's been great, I feel the kids have learned more in the past few months then in the last 2 years as far as History goes. 
We read, take dictation, watch a documentary, discuss, highlight important people with a short biography and throw cooking or a craft in where we can.  I just feel like it's rounded out.  At least for our family it works.
So we finished the Roman and Greek times. The craft was to complete an art piece.  They made Mosaic tiles from construction paper.  Here are their finished pieces.
He was so proud of his art!!!!
Mahala being the overachiever did two pieces!

Skylar took the longest....he used a ruler and cut each tile separately to fit each spot.  He takes his time and does it right the first time.  He is not as fly by the seat of your pants like Mom & Mahala.  He made this for Mahala, she loves Yoshi!!!
So, there you have it folks.  We have now moved onto the Ancient Chinese.  I'll keep you posted!

The Tongue

Quick question this morning.....
I have noticed many, many of my friend's kids pose for pics along with their friends with their tongues sticking out to the side.  Some have goofy faces and some not so much.  Did I not get the memo about this being the cool thing?  Am I realllllly that old now.  Back in the day you wouldn't have caught me taking a pic with my tongue all flopped out of my mouth.  What gives?????


Little Ones

Simple things made us happy when we are kids.  A new box of crayons could have put a smile on our face at 4 year olds, like a hundred dollar bill in our hand would today.  Kids see joy in things that older people just walk right past.  A cardboard box gave Kaden days of enjoyment while my husband couldn't wait to toss it out on recycling day.  By the way I snatched it out of the garage before Skylar could put it in the bin.
It's fun watching Kaden focus on the ladybugs on a rose bush, foot prints he has made in the dirt, or hearing him count the clouds as he munches on a grilled cheese sandwich.  Having a little one around is wonderful!!  I know they are messy, loud and it calls for a ton of work. But, I learn a lot from him.  I learn how I should slow down, life is short.  Do, the things I want to do.  Don't fill my day full of stuff that doesn't make me happy.  Eat only when I'm hungry.  Learn constantly, never stop downloading new info.  And be willing to learn from others. Be creative and funny, smile at everyone...it's free.  And don't be afraid to fail.  Stop worrying yourself to death!  There are so many things my little man has taught me. So much love comes from him.  He is growing up so fast.  That's the thing, they are little for such a small amount of time.  I'm thankful we home school, because I can squeeze out as much time as possible with all three of my kids.  It's precious time.  


What I do Best

I think this has been like the longest time between posts ever. I have sooooo missed my spot in blog land. I just haven't stopped long enough to put together my thoughts.
Since my last post I have spent more time worrying and crying then not. Mahala went back in the hospital for surgery. Hip to hip....33 staples. They took the 10 inch mass, her ovary and tube. Thank God it had not reached into her uterus. Recovery was slow, but successful. She started softball last week and finally back at her girl scout meetings. We are doing school work full time and I feel like we are normal again. Or what we call normal, there is no normal. We were worried it was cancer, the doctors were thrilled to make that call to us for us to rush to the office. I finally could sleep again. I am grateful that she is cancer free. Now we just have to deal with the intestinal problem that she is still having.