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I think this has been like the longest time between posts ever. I have sooooo missed my spot in blog land. I just haven't stopped long enough to put together my thoughts.
Since my last post I have spent more time worrying and crying then not. Mahala went back in the hospital for surgery. Hip to hip....33 staples. They took the 10 inch mass, her ovary and tube. Thank God it had not reached into her uterus. Recovery was slow, but successful. She started softball last week and finally back at her girl scout meetings. We are doing school work full time and I feel like we are normal again. Or what we call normal, there is no normal. We were worried it was cancer, the doctors were thrilled to make that call to us for us to rush to the office. I finally could sleep again. I am grateful that she is cancer free. Now we just have to deal with the intestinal problem that she is still having.

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  1. I'm glad to hear things are getting back to "normal." And so glad for Mahala that it hadn't affected anyhthing else. Looking forward to hearing your bitching and yapping on a more regular basis. :-)