Collard Dreams And Black Eyed Wishes

New Years in the Hospital

Ringing in the New Year Hospital style.  This year of course was not at all how we expected.  We normal;y have a long list of traditions that we participate in.  Some may call them weirdo rituals I say I'm just southern and my family was too poor to buy fireworks on New Years so they decided to partake in every superstition known to man to ring in the New Year.
I was sooooooo worried about not having collard greens on New Year's Day and not being able to kiss a fool, AKA my husband at midnight I just knew 2011 was going to be doomed. Until a friend of mine said to me that I needed to just relax. She reminded me that every year since the day I popped out I have done the same thing.  Then she used the Dr. Phil method on me.  How's that workin' for you????? 
Everyone had to wear a mask while Mahala had her pic line changed.

Mahala's Pic line

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  1. You may have had t give-up your traditions, but at least you were all together.