Sit, Wait and Pray

How was your Holidays? I hope better then ours. My sweet girl has been sick and has now been in the hospital three days. Last Thursday we took her into the ER and they sent her home with so called constipation, but she did also have an elevated WB count.
Friday she was in so much pain it actually looked like child birth. She was throwing up with a high fever. We thought maybe it was a virus. On Christmas she couldn't even sit up, and you could tell she was dehydrated. We tried to get her to drink more and basically gave up on food. By Sunday I was terrified, because she looked so bad. After talking with her pediatrician he said keep pushing fluids, continue with the stole softeners that we were doing every day. Remember we thought it was constipation. On Monday I took her in and her WB count was extremely high and he sent us to the ER immediately. They did a ct scan and ultrasound and found a mass the size of a cantaloupe deep in her pelvis. It's pushing all her organs to one side and sucking the life out of her. It was also causing damage to her ovary and tube on the right side.
All day yesterday we have seen 4 specialists. They keep saying that they have never seen this in a child her age to this degree. They have decided to drain the infection around the abscess, in hopes that surgery will not need to be done or at least wont be so complicated.
All we can do now is sit, wait and pray. Sit, wait and pray.


  1. Oh my goodness! I will be thinking about you and hoping that things improve quickly!

  2. I am saying a prayer for you and our family right now.

  3. I hope your sweet daughter is on the road to health as I write this. I sympathize with you because my daughters are facing their own health problems and I've shed a few tears. I hope 2011 only brings health and happiness to you and yours.