Where is Tomorrow?

Feeling better now, found out my blood pressure is acting up once again. I went in today for an adjustment in my medication. I'm thrilled, just thrilled. I actually need to look into getting a new overall Doctor. Our present Doctor has decided to provide only 100 of her patients "personal care". That "personal care" is going to cost around $3,000 per family every year. That wont include co pays either. We can't afford her new exciting adventure with her medical practice, so we need to find a new Doctor.
I need to start dinner now, I'll write more later. I have just been so mentally exhausted with school & the kids.
Thank you for all the support, comments & emails.
I keep saying that tomorrow I'll write more, but that damn tomorrow is sooooo far away! HA HA HA

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  1. That doctor's plan sounds like complete BS to me! More good reason for health care reform!
    Good luck with the doctor search--we're having to do that too, since, as you know, my doctor got arrested/stripped of his license. LOL--strange, but true! That's my life!