Tweet be Gone!

I am the worst Twitter tweeter in the world. Well, maybe not The worst, but somewhere in the same area code of The Worst. What the hell should I tweet about? I'm makin breakfast, just started the dishwasher. Now I'm beating the kids, now I'm makin lunch. Cleaning up, running errands, beatin the kids again. What's for dinner....Oh take out sounds good tonight. Now I'm washing down a fist full of pills for the 3rd time today. Time for our bed time routine. Now I'm cleaning up the kids & scrubbing down the house. Just strapping the kids down to their beds for the 4th time tonight. Finally able to watch my shows & snuggle with my hubby in my snuggly. Who the hell wants to read that?
I'm soooo boring, sometimes I fall asleep blogging. HaHaHa Just kidding, I guess it could be worse. Anyway, I think this is going to be the last week of tweeting for Manic Mom. I'm crazy enough I guess, no need to add another must do to my list.


  1. "Now I'm beating the kids!" You are SOOO funny, Manic!

    Have discovered I'm a sporadic Tweeter at best...

    Hope you are hangin' in there...wishing you peace and health. :)

  2. I used to Tweet a lot when I was working part- or very part-time. Now that I work two jobs, I don't have time anymore. Something's always has to give and this time it was Tweeting. You sound like a very busy, not boring, Mom.

  3. I am a boring tweeter too! But I realized it has some value, even if no one is reading it--I "tweet" my random observations and Andrew's one-liners that I would otherwise forget. They will be a permanent record of these things that are blog-worthy, but are worth remembering for a good chuckle later.

  4. I think Twitter is soooooooooo ridiculously stupid! Who cares if I am sitting on the toilet or cleaning up after the dog? Sheesh!

  5. Truly funny!

    Sometimes I feel like I am the only person in this country who has never been to twitter!

  6. jajaja!!
    hi, i really agree with you...
    tweeter is not for housewives don´t you think?.-.

    well, i can bearly update my blog, so i could not do the twitter thing...

    anyway, im klaudya and i was diagnosed in may this year...

    im trying to understand a lot of things and looking for the strenght to live with it...

    my english is not so good, but ill try to read you more often...

    hugs from mexico...

  7. LOL
    I mainly use Twitter for giveaways!
    Otherwise my tweets would say
    " hiding out from the kids, please Lord don't let them find me"

    HA HA HA

  8. I still don't really get Twitter. I do it though because, well, isn't it MANDATORY now???