Stinky New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Stinky New Year!

It's stinky because I didn't remember that today was "the day". It changes every year and it wasn't until Thanh told me at 11:55 last night.
Now just like regular New Year you can't take a bath. It will wash all your luck away. So, normally the night before everyone would have bathed their nasty, little selves. Well, this year the Fam didn't get the memo so we all stink.
The reason: We didn't go to church service Sunday. Instead we stayed home and watched it on TV. So, showers were skipped Sunday morning.
To say the least I am not too happy about sitting here at the gym wondering if I put enough product in my hair to make people think it's a hair gel shine and not one from mother nature. You guessed it, I'm here watching Mahala flip around doing her gymnastics thing. Don't worry, I haven't detected a "pig pen" cloud around her yet. HA HA
Thank the Lord I brushed my teeth and used a cleansing cloth for a tissue to fake blow my nose this morning. Thanh is just as bad as I am on American New years traditions. With clean teeth and clothes it took me up a notch from freshly rolled out of the bed look. I also made sure to put my ring on so that people could see that yes, even I could find a man. HA HA .
Mahala is doing so good, I am very proud of her. I love watching her move across the floor. Building confidence in a young girl is so important. If I had someone foster that in me I wouldn't be hovered in a corner right now with my car freshener attached to my lap top bag. I swear! :-0

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