Golden Gate Bridge

Well, our weekend started early this week. Hubby finished a project at work early so they gave him Friday and Monday off. Yipeeee! So, what to do when you have nooooooooooooo money but crave some get the hell out of dodge time. Well, back in March we had a home school field trip and after we paid for admissions the lady said if you spend $20 more you can get a membership for a year. Normally I say no thank you. But, I asked what having a membership would get me. She went over all the goodies and then showed me this heck of a long list of museums and science centers that were included. SOLD!!! We love this kind of stuff. And I recognized a ton of the places.
Well all year we haven't used it once, partly because of the coffee house drama and the other part was all of our camping trips. So, now was the time. So we woke up early Friday morning, AKA 9:30 am. LOL, we watched movies late the night before.
And headed to San Fran!! We took the kids to the golden gate bridge and the park. We had lunch, that I brought from home. Then spent the afternoon at the Exploratorium for FREE! Got to LOVE that!!! Then we spent the early evening at the pier and then had dinner. Now I didn't pack dinner, but I did bring snacks and drinks. So the whole day, including gas cost us under $100. We were thrilled, the kids needed to be kids and Thanh needed to enjoy a day of no stress. We were going to go to the CA Science center, but they closed early. We plan to go back in a few weeks and use our pass once again. We had a fab day. Check out those memberships people. Sometimes they really can save you, we saved over $70 at the Exploratorium. Today we are going to clean house and work on School work that we didn't finish in the car yesterday.


  1. Wow! how awesome! I wish i could see the Golden Gate some day! What an awesome class trip :)

  2. I LOVE San Fran--it's beautiful there! I always do those mebership deals b/c even if you only use it once, it usually pays for itself. And what a great treat for very little cash.

  3. glad to hear everyone had a great day! You al needed it! Is little (big) man still in a cast?