Birthday Sprinkles

I am DONE with my Christmas shopping. Yes, you are right! I am completely done, wrapped and all. We had some tax refund money that came in from last year. We were late. We are always late, that's the kind of people we are. LOL
So, I went to just a few stores after making careful lists. Came home and within 2 days it was all wrapped, put in black garbage bags and hidden in the closet. It's so nice to know it's done and now I can just enjoy all the fun traditions with the kids.
Right now they are all out at the church enjoying the trunk or treat carnival. I stayed home because I can not afford to get sick right now. Instead I am making a rainbow cake for Mahala's birthday party tomorrow. YEAH!!! She is turning nine, time goes by too fast. Her actual birthday isn't until next week, but this was a weekend that everyone could get together.
So tomorrow we will have our usual Saturday morning breakfast and then I'll give her one gift. I bought her a pair of black boots with fur lining. She is going to Flip, because she has really been wanting a pair. Don't you just LOVE when you can get your child exactly what they want. I told hubby that this year, since money is so tight I would rather get them one or two things that they want instead of a bunch of cheap, little stuff that they never even asked for. So, we did and I know they will appreciate what they are getting.
On her real birthday I am going to fill her room with balloons in the middle of the night and on them I am going to right I love yous and positive things about her. I bought the helium tank at Sam's last week. I can't wait to see her face. Each year I try to do something special like that. Then I will make her her usual mickey mouse pancakes and open presents. That night we will go out for dinner and have cake when we come home. It will be exciting to see her sweet face.
So, there you go folks. Enjoy your Halloween night! Manic Mom needs to go check this cake and sprinkle my Magic on it!

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