What's my Routine?
I always find it interesting to see what people do day to day. SO I thought I would post an average day for me. I could go into more detail, but I thought I would save you the headache. I have to live Lord knows you want to just get a glimpse not Marry me. Right?

7am Kaden wakes us up with Diaper in hand. Not a clean, unused diaper. We're talking 9 hours of pee people.

7:30am Kaden plays with Daddy while I try and wake from the dead. I hate mornings.

8am Kaden and I go wake up the other two chickens. If I have to be awake then they can too. HA HA! Mahala is hard to wake up. I put Kaden on her bed and he sits on her head until she screams and rolls over on her side. Ok, one down one to go. Before we even make it to Skylar's room he is walking down the hall. I know, I know he says all muffled with this manly voice. Who is this boy, I swear just yesterday he was wearing Barney underwear!

8:30am Breakfast and Pills!!!! I have to take my meds with food. I love cereal or eggs and a bagel. Kaden has either waffles or cereal and sometimes oatmeal. His fav breakfast is eggs. Lord that baby can put away the eggs! Mahala is not nice in the morning. She doesn't want to make eye contact most mornings. She wants to get inand out with no getting hurt. Skylar is afraid there wont be enough food the rest of the day. So, he packs it in. I swear he wants to eat like this is the day all food disappears.

9:15am Clean up, teeth gets brushed, kitchen swabbed. Kaden goes and has playtime. Reading, games and toys. When Anna is here she does this while I work on my business and check emails. I get between 70 and 125 emails a day.

9:45am Older kids have free time to do whatever.

10:45am Kaden colors pictures while Mahala and Skylar do our family Bible study. Kaden entertains himself real well.

11:30- 1:30pm We make and have lunch around this time frame. Sometimes we go to the park or out to eat. But, usually it's just at home. Oh, and I take more pills!

1:30pm Outside animals, let's go!!!! We go out and they have time outside for soccer, the trampoline, a walk or whatever. Anna takes the kids on a walk every day. For at least an hour a lot of the times it's longer. If they don't do the walk now it's later in the day. This is also when we would go swim, zoo, library, par, blah, blah, blah.

3pm Kaden takes a nap hopefully. And I try to do a project with the kids. The other day Mahala and I made bead jewelry. Baking, crafts or watch a movie together. If I need to run an errand I usually do it around this time. Anna always has Kaden during this time.

4:30pm TV time for Kaden or outside in the sandbox or pool. Older kids get computer, video games or out with Kaden.

5:30-6:30pm Dinner!! I love me some food. We eat all kinds of food. Asian, Italian, Southern, Arab, Mexican, Indian, we love to cook!

6:30-8pm Family time together. We play tons of games. We are a game playing family, but we enjoy renting movies and having popcorn too.

8-9pm Baths for all the kids.

8:30-9pm Kaden goes to bed

9pm Mahala goes to bed

9:30-10pm Skylar goes to Bed

10-???? Me time and that sometimes includes Thanh. SOMETIMES! This is when I watch all my shows, read, blah, blah, blah. And I almost forgot meds once more before bed. Yipeeee!
So, what is your day like?


  1. but what about when school starts? Won't you have to get up much earlier?? I am NOT a morning person and I HATE to get up in the AM with my son, who starts school at 7:45 am! Have to leave at 7:10 am to get to school on time. Usually hubbie takes son to school since it is on his way to work.But hubbie has one way, his way and if son doesn't abide, argh - fighting and shouting - not a fun way to wake up! Daughter doesn't start until 9 am thankfully. With summer here, we are not waking until 8 am, which is perfect for me. Me and baby get up. Daughter and son sleep until 9 or 10 (no joke). I hae my coffee and read the news on Yahoo or read blogs. Baby lays around watching PBS. Once daughter is up I will make breakfast for her and baby - whatever they want. I don't eat breakfast. Son REFUSES to eat breakfast (major eating issues with him). outside, park, T-ball, errands, lounging, playing until lunch time. Lunch is whatever they will eat again. I don't eat lunch either. Just loads of water. Some more play time, a craft activity, books. Nap for baby usually b/t 1-2 pm. Depends what activity we are doing or where we are. Some days daughter has softball, some days, son has enrichment. baby sleeps for 2 hours, this is when I have son and daughter do homework. Then movie or game or play or outside in the back. Once baby wakes, I usually am getting dinner prepared. then eating, cleanup. off to the park (if weather permits), then bathes, books and bed. We pretty mcu all go to bed at the same time, my kids sleep with me (argh)

    boy - that was long - sorry!

  2. I homeschool...So we just work that in. Right now we are doing Algebra & novel reading, which plays into why I get them up. So, we have enough time to get that done. I didn't even put that in. Look at me short changing my blog. LOL Girlfriend you need to eat. I bet 2 days over here & Manic Mom will get you eating. Hugs

  3. I love love love games!!! Hubby doesn't, but will play them with the fam. My all time favorite is Yahtzee...what is yours?

  4. Our fav games are phase 10, uno, monopoly & dominos.

  5. Wow...sounds like you have busy days!! I have to fly by the seat of my pants, I haven't been (since baby has gotten here) a very scheduled person...although everything just really falls into place at the right times. He picked his nap time and we always have dinner time a 6 pm, so I just follow his cues on what he wants to do.

    Thanks for coming by my spot! I was excited to see a comment from you! Hope you are having some good days!

    P.S..not a morning person either. Definite night owl!

  6. Sounds like a busy day, for a busy Mom. Glad you stopped by to check out World of Weasels. Hope it brightened your day.

  7. Wow--I am impressed with the schedule! Summer is a hard time for me to be consistent, but since I've made appointments at the gym on MWF at 10am, that helps.

    We all love playing games too (my kids are into Scattergories lately.) And since they're not allowed to watch tv usually they LOVE it when we do a movie & popcorn (the old fashioned kind.)