Dangling Hinneys

First I want to say how deeply touched I am by all of you that have sent me emails and comments about my last post. Thank you for being there for me. I look forward to taking you all along with me on my self journey. Today is a better day, my body didn't take very well to the new med, but I am adjusting to it better today.

So, yesterday after I finally removed my body from bed I went to my Bible study group. I was an hour late but they all know my situation so they gave me coffee quick and a homemade sticky bun. Yummmy!!! This was the Best sticky bun ever! I will share the recipe as soon as the lady gives it to me.

Ok, did you notice that I said "lady"? I am going to share yet another "slightly, not so perfect side of me". Shhhhhhh, don't tell a soul, because I HATE that I have this teeeny, tiny flaw.

I can not remember people's names to save my life. So serious. If a man I had meet two days ago and had spent every second with him during those two days came up to me dangling one of my kids over a fire.

I could not tell you his name to save their little hinneys from burning. Does anyone else have such a problem? My husband gets embarrassed all the time, because he says he can see my wheels turning ever so slowly when I talk to people. That's because I am trying to rack my brain. My control central person upstairs between my 2 ears hasn't always had is cup of Joe when I need him to work.

So this lady has No idea I do not remember her name. I have been seeing her every week for now, 5 weeks people. FIVE WEEKS! I have no clue, but she wants to have a play date next week. OMG! What the Heck am I going to do???

Help Manic Mom out people. What would you do besides lowering your head and admitting you need to know her name again. Please don't suggest that, I'm to weak to admit that. LOL!!


  1. Anonymous7/11/2008

    You crack me up!! But how do you think I feel?? I am a minister's wife, I am supposed to remember names, I mean everyone knows my name so I should know their's, right???


  2. LOL I am the same...NO short term memory what so ever! I just hang my head and admit my flaw. Sorry i can't help!

  3. Oooh, I wish I could help you out with this one...I do the same thing sometimes, and the worst part is I get convinced that I DO know the person's name, and then end up calling them by the wrong one--NOT GOOD! I usually just end up wishing I'd told them I forgot in the first place!

  4. can't help you- I have a memory like a steal trap -nothing ever gets out- I remember everyone's names and details- makes me look like I really don'thave a life, but I just have a good memory!

  5. Anonymous7/14/2008

    LOL, you are too funny!!!

    Well you wait until she calls you and says "Hi this is ....." LOL

  6. You are too funny!! I have the same problem...so here is my hint. Hand her a piece of paper and pen and say "I want to get together, can you write down your info so I can call you with a time when I check our calendar at home"...works for me...then when I get home I put it into my bank of names and put little tips for myself, KIDS names...that's a big help cause I mostly know everyone thru my kids. Hope you find something helpful!

  7. weaselmomma7/15/2008

    When you go for the playdate, bring up conversation that starts with...Since I've had had kids I am no longer Sheila, I am 'so and so's Mom". Then she will commiserate and say her own name.

  8. Half-Past Kissin' Time7/16/2008

    Get her phone number and then look it up on the Internet, but try to get a home phone, since cells are now always available.