What are we doing this Summer?

Life is short let's enjoy Ourselves.
I have friends that their children are in activities constantly. Running from here to there and back again. I choose to not be that way, I'm not saying that it's wrong. I'm just saying it's not for us. I mean who are we kidding, I don't look real cute rushing from here and there. And I can hardly get dinner on the table after educating the future leaders of tomorrow. Soccer is just gonna have to wait. But, don't judge me I'm all for sports and music, but dang.
So what's Manic Mom's family doing this Summer?
During the summer this year we have 5 camping trips planned. Two trips to San Fran, and endless trips to local parks and museums locally. We are also going to a museum in Redding and we have an Aquatic center pass. We try to go swimming at least 4-5 days a week.
Both older kids have church camp for a week each and countless library trips not to mention 2 scheduled trips to the local zoo.
I guess we do have a lot planned. I'm not totally lazy! I do plan on starting a novel with each of the kids so next year they are prepared right off the bat for a book report. We are also starting an herb garden this summer and reorganizing the garage. I plan to take advantage of all town activities and events with the church. Skylar has youth event 3 times a week at church and Mahala has them twice a week.
Other then that we play TONS of games. We are a game family. I do not allow them to watch tv all day or have video games all day. Because if I did not monitor them they would seriously be doing just that all day long. I heart my kids.


  1. Kiddie pool ! ROFL... at least you get In!
    Thanks for participating!

  2. We are going to the Yorktown Battle ship in Charelston,S.C. with the cub scouts this weekend.It's cool we get to sleep on the ship and do all kinds of neat things.
    Jacob goes to day camp with the scouts the next week.
    We're going to the gym 3 ties a week to swim in the Big pool.Yes I put on a bathing suit too but I have to say I look alot better than some of the others.LOL!!!They are mostly senior citizens.
    Of course at least one trip to hot,muggy,crowded Florida.Then in August Jacob goes to his first sleep over camp.It's a christian based camp for the deaf and hearing impaired.
    Other than that it will be library trips,swimming in the small pool at home,fishing,learning Spanish and staying in the loop with ath and reading.

  3. Hi! Your summer plans sound a lot like mine!
    I just did a post too and found you through Bottles, Barbies & Boys
    :) Debi