Mahala the Spy?

Picture this......
I'm sitting in our living room with Kaden in the pack and play. I have his fav show on and I'm trying to get him to take a nap. Now normally Anna sits with him upstairs until he falls asleep and the she holds him until nap time is over or she has him laid across her lap. Well, that was all fine and good until now after having him alone I can't get anything done. I refuse to sit there for 2-3 hours while he gets ready for his nap and then finally sleeps. So, what I have been doing is giving him his bottle and then laying him down. Well homey don't play that I guess. So little homey has been in baby jail. (AKA the pack n play) He cried off and on for at least 3 maybe 4 hours today.
So, I'm about to cry myself and it's sooooo hot! I feel a small twitch in my right eye and I know I need to eat something before I start drinking what's left of his bottle. But, before I can move I notice out of the corner of my left eye Mahala's big, pink bunny being lowered over the upstairs banister. Now this thing is as tall as she is. I'm about to scream at her when it twirled around and I noticed it's hands were behind it's back in hand cuffs.
I continue to watch and I ask her whet she was doing. I'm playing spy mom. Spy!!!! What kind of spy are you? I then notice the bunny's face. His mouth was tapped up and he was blind folded. What the heck, did I miss something on America's most wanted last week? He was a bad bunny so he is being punished. Her voice was very playful thank God as she called out 10-4's and roger that. She said she would release him if I would be responsible for him, so I was like ok! I guess I can do that, what the heck. I started to laugh and Kaden thought it was funny too. I told him that he better not be a bad boy or Mahala might punish him. Oh, he's not a bad boy, he just likes to feel someone close to him while he sleeps.
I guess we can all sleep knowing we have a Spy in our family!


  1. That's hilarious - I think you have a future FBI agent on your hands!

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  3. Hi Manic Mom,
    I deleted me last comment by mistake - duh! Anyway, thanks for finding my site and for leaving your comment - I almost wet myself a little bit when I saw it :) I like your site too and will be back often. Good luck with your "spy" and with the naptime battles, they can be doozies!

  4. That's totally funny! She was probably all, "of course I'm a spy, what else?!" Sounds like you've got one that takes charge--good ofr her!