Sway in the Wind

We are packed up, organized and ready to go on our first RV trip.  It's real close by and only for 4 days....which is a good thing because the whole way home yesterday from getting our New BEAST I was laid out on the couch a moment away from hurling all over our new leather sofa.  This is what I looked up at for 2 hours swaying back in forth.  Poor Kaden was in his bunk asking me if I needed him to rub my tummy.  Such a sweet boy!!!

So, I'm hoping that with time I will adjust...if not poor Mahala is going to have to be Dad's Navigator all Summer long.  I think she wouldn't mind that so much anyway.  So, here is a quick video of our New place....our Home on wheels.  Once we get situated I will do a more proper showing.  I can't wait to share our whole journey.  A Mom, Dad, Teenage Daughter, Boy on the Spectrum, a Service Dog and finally 1 really old Dog that we just hope will make it through the whole trip without kicking the bucket!  Yeah, it should be fun...all 15,000 miles of it!

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