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Look at that Book cover...it's just filled with mystery and trust me once you put your little fingers on it you will be hard pressed to hand it over to your Kiddos to read until you have read it all.  Yes, I know this because of experience.  Shiloh Run Press has given me the chance to Review their New book, The Glass Castle by Trisha White Priebe & Jerry B. Jenkins.  Of course we LOVE reading and I struggle to keep books in Kaden's hands because he reads them so quickly.  I was thrilled to get to offer Kaden a New Series that he had heard nothing about before.
This is a Book Review and I promise to only share a little with you.  I will say that by far this is one of the Best Kiddo Book I have read in a long time.  I could see this Series being a series we crack back open year after year.  And that says a lot, because Kaden reads and leaves....that's what we say all the time.  He hardly ever rereads a book besides the Bible.  But, this book he didn't just leave he read, finished it and placed it on a shelf.  I could tell that it was a book he wanted to have for future reads.

Funny thing is when I gave him the book he immediately started reading it......and never put it down.  He ate with it, went to the bathroom with it, took it on errands, to bed and even put down the video game controller longer then usual.  He read the whole thing in just 3 days......Mahala is reading it right now and is reading it at a normal pace and is going to finish in just under a week.  I'm with Kaden and read it in just a few days too, it was hard to put down.
So, just a quick snap shot of what's going on....You have a book filled with Suspense, Drama and Mystery and set in the Medieval time period.  Within this 41 Chapter book you wander in a time of Knights, Kings, Queens and in this instance a Mystery.  A 13 year old Girl named Avery is the main character.  She has been captured along with her young Brother and sentenced to maintenance and clean-up duties of a hidden away section of a Castle.  She thinks she is all alone, but finds out that the castle is home to many 13 year old Orphans.  She knows she needs to find her little Brother and escape, but things become a little difficult and tricky.  People are disappearing, secrets revealed, memories remembered and a whole lot of praying going on.  The book is intended for 10-14 year old, but I'm telling you I am hooked and can not wait for the next book to come out in October.  The name of that one is, Ruby Moon.
Kaden, Mahala and I all agree this is a book anyone boy or girl....even adults would enjoy.  I kind of wished we would have done a Family read instead of reading it all separately.  We plan to read the next one together. :)  This is a safe book for teens to read, it's not full of craziness that some Fiction today is filled with.  We were all pleasantly surprised, the only change would be too bad it was a hardback book.  We like paperbacks because we are folders.  I know....most people cringe at the thought of folding back a book cover, we are guilty. :)  Other then that 6 out of 5 stars for sure!!!   
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The Glass Castle {Shiloh Run Press Review}

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