Need More Meds!

Since I was still sick and coughing they couldn't put me under for surgery.  Kind of thankful that they could at least give me some local anesthetics and at least get the huge fibroid our fairly quickly.  Afterwards though the Doctor told me I have several smaller ones still there, he just couldn't stay in there any longer due to the fact that I would FEEL everything and they couldn't give me anymore local meds.  But, at least the Biggest one is out.  At least I don't pee every 5-6 minutes now.  Seriously before they wheeled me into surgery I had went to the bathroom 6 times.  That was just within the hour long wait to actually have the procedure done.  I just know the Nurse must have wanted to tie me down to the bed with my IV tube. :)  But, she was sweet and kind to me and I was careful to be just as kind and sweet to her.
I go back next month to plan what happens next, I can't wait to be done.  Next time hopefully I will be well enough to be put under and the whole thing get taken care of.  Praying that's done and I'm healed before we all take sabbatical this Summer. :)

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