Christmas Magic

Christmas is so magical to me...it's a time of year where the sights, sounds and smells take me right back to my childhood.  I'm taken back to before my parents died, before foster care and before the Christmas days that were just regular days.
Every year I try to channel my Mom and decorate and plan activities that my Kiddos will remember forever and ever.  I know one day they will pause during the hustle and bustle when they have families and remember sweet moments of their childhood Christmases. 
And that's what puts the extra pep in my step on days I would rather just stay in my warm bed.  For me it's more important to create memories within the family and celebrate the reason for the season joyously.  

Some of our longest standing traditions is the Christmas chain (1st-25th), the 12 Days of Christmas, Salt Dough Ornaments and Cookie making.  The Elf on the Shelf is something we've been doing only a few years now...Kaden loves it! 

The Chain is full of activities every single day.  From Jigsaw puzzles, ice skating, making a Birthday cake for Jesus, Movie night, Sleep around the Christmas Tree, Make s'mores around a fire, Make decorations, Read stories, Community Work and sooooo much more.  We add new things each year and I'll admit a few days had multiple because we have so many favorites that we just have to squeeze in.  Like the other day we had make a batch of candy to share with the neighbors and finish the day with a jigsaw puzzle.  Or we will do tomorrow make Christmas ornaments and then Kids get to make dinner!!!  We have so much fun with this....I almost wish we could do it all year long.  Which in a way I guess I kind of do, every day I connect with the Kids and my Husband in some way.  With words, an activity or by physical touch.  
What are some of Your Christmas Traditions?  I'll share more later....

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