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This Summer has been filled with some really great Homeschool finds. And Hewitt Homeschooling's Lightning Literature and Composition is no exception.  I was thrilled to be given the chance to check out this program and give a review.  It's recommended for Kiddos in grades 8th-9th, so it was perfect for Mahala.  We were given three products to use and review... Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 8 Student's Guide($25), the Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 8 Student's Workbook($25) and thankfully the amazing Lightning Literature and Composition: Grade 8 Teacher's Guide($20).

Lightning Literature and Composition is a complete course that you will be able to use for the whole year.  You will be able to watch your Kiddos fall in love with Literature by exposing them to different books they may not normally pick to read.  Their writing technique will improve too, Mahala needed that big time.  Since we read so much I was mostly excited for her to get the Composition help. 

Books that are covered in the Lightning Literature and Composition 8th grade-

*Stories & Poems for Extremely Intelligent Children 
*A Day of Pleasure
*A Christmas Carol
*The Hobbit
*My Family and Other Animals
*To Kill a Mockingbird

Ok, now for a little glimpse at what each book we received has to offer. The Student Guide breaks each book down into different sections.  Each cover an introduction to what is being read, a vocabulary list (I Love Vocabulary words), comprehension questions that you will actually enjoy hearing your Kiddo's answers to, a literary lesson, a mini-lesson and a variety of writing lessons.  There is a lot packed into every section, you have the options to pick some and not do others.  The Student Workbook is just that....a workbook, therefore it is consumable.  Some of the activities are different, depending on the book that's being read at the time.  Your Kiddo will complete lessons on grammar, analyzing parts of the book being read, figuring out crossword puzzles and completing simple writing exercises. The Teachers Guide is Amazing....I usually get intimidated when it comes to a new year long program.  I always pray for a good Teacher's Guide and I have to say, by far this is one of my favorites.  It has everything you need, it's easily explained, step by step and lot's of extras.  I dread the long hours of prepping and planning for each and every subject.  That's why it's a treat when a Gem like this comes along.  This Guide also gives you different teaching options so you can work with your Kiddo's learning style and not against it. 

So, how did we use this program?  Well, 1st we decided where to start.  Mahala decided to start reading the Hobbit once again.  It had been a few years since she had read it and Kaden had been wanting to read it anyway.  Her and Kaden took turns reading daily out loud.  We started by 1st reading the introduction of the current chapter.  Honestly, sometimes she would forget and we would go back and read them. :)  I am a Vocabulary Freak, so we definitely did those and also used them as spelling words, in dictated sentences and to practice her cursive writing.  I told you I was crazy for vocabulary words! :) She really enjoyed all of the comprehensive questions, it sparked a few good family conversations.  I love a program that does that, makes it feel whole and well rounded.  Of course she worked on all the lessons and workbook pages.  There were a few that she thought were not as challenging.  I feel like that is because she is almost 15 and she had read the book prior.  So far we are not having that issue with the book A Day of Pleasure, which she has never read before.  Mahala did enjoy all the crossword pages, writing assignments and the Extra Challenge Pages, those were optional.  She did them, because I bribed her with cupcakes....she gave the thumbs up on it though.

Honestly, this is a product that we will be using in Our Homeschool from here on out!  I Love it and we look forward to all the other products they have to offer.  If I can get Mahala, who hates to write actually enjoy her assignments and write well I say it's a Winner!!!  Head on over now and Connect with Hewitt Homeschooling right now, you will be glad that you did.
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