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Mahala and I were given the chance to Review Beyond the Book Report from Analytical Grammar which is a Middle School and Early High School language arts curriculum. This Program was Newly developed by Erin Karl and her Mom, Robin Finley.  They have a true passion for Grammar and Literature and it shows!  They both believe Middle School kids aren't just short Future High Schoolers.  That this is the time to really cover all those previously learned Elementary skills and get them totally prepared for High School Literature and Writing.  

Beyond the Book Report is designed to work along with Analytical Grammar for the perfect, complete Middle School language arts course.  Beyond the Book Report (Seasons 1 and 2) are for grades 6th-8th and (Season 3) are recommended for grades 8th-10th.  Each Season Costs only $24.95.  Or you can buy the whole bundle of the Three Seasons together for just $69.95.  We were Blessed with all Three Seasons for this Review...let's take a closer look at them.

Each Season contains a Teacher Packet and DVD.  My Kiddos and I are very Visual learners so it was Awesome to be able to have video instructions from the Authors Robin Finley and her Daughter, Erin Karl.  The videos were bite sized which made them very easy to listen to and watch.  I felt like they held the Kiddo's attention better then just reading the instructions from a book.  It gave a personable touch too. :)  On the DVDs they also give you a step-by-step schedule, printable handouts, rubrics, examples of the work your Kiddos will be doing and other activities/ideas, like crossword puzzles and reading logs.  I loved that they even have Special print outs for the Kiddos to take notes on.  This has given me the chance to really drive home the importance of good note taking. 

Here is an Inside Look at SEASON ONE (3 Separate Sections)
1. The Basic Book Report-
Your Kiddos will learn how to follow a Rubric,Conflict, Point of View, Climax, Protagonist, Antagonist
    Paraphrase and Plot Summary. 
2.  The Pamphlet Book Report-
 Here you learn about elements of the Plot, Mood, Tone, Setting and Genre.
3.  The News Article Book Report-
The Concepts introduced here include Headline, Byline, Dateline, Inverted Pyramid, Lead
    Objectivity, Bias and Objective Point of View.
SEASON TWO (2 Separate Sections)
1.  The Poetry Book Report-
The Concepts taught in this Section cover Figurative language like (alliteration, metaphor, hyperbole, simile, personification).  They will learn terms like stanza, rhyme scheme and verse.  Kinds of Poetry like a Sonnet, Haiku, Limerick and others.
2.  The Drama Book Report- 
Kiddos will learn about terms like Dialogue, Monologue, Cast, Props, Staging, Aside and Blocking.  They will read about different Genres like Comedy, Drama, Farce and Melodrama.

SEASON THREE (3 Separate Sections)
1.  The Essay-
This Season covers the Personal Essay, Literary Essay and the SAT Essay.
2. The Oral Book Report- 
Here you will get the DOs and DON'Ts on how to give an Oral Presentation with Power Point.  
3.  The Research Paper-
Easy Step by Step Instructions on how to Write a Research Paper.
I have always enjoyed writing papers for as long as I remember.  But, my Kids would rather go to the dentist and have all their teeth pulled without anesthesia!  Am I exaggerating...no, I promise you my Kids have some Paper writing phobia/ illness.  So, a few years ago I decided to let them off the hook.  I had them do Oral book reports only.  And they actually did very well doing the research and organizing their thoughts.  I thought that was enough and figured when they started High School I would be firm about the written papers.  Well, Skylar graduated a year ago and he probably only did a handful of papers.  Now that he's in college he figured out that Mom wasn't crazy, that you have to do a TON of papers in college.  Thankfully he gets by with his writing.  By the end of his 2nd Semester he was pulling A- papers, but it wasn't easy.  I hated to see him struggle, but I used his situation to show Mahala the Importance of Writing papers.  But, since I never had her do them in the past it was a difficult struggle.  And then this little Gem fell into my lap.  Thank You Lord!!! :)  

It was nice to have back up, that's exactly how it felt to me.  It took us almost 2 weeks to get started.  She reads like crazy, so I let her pick which Season to start with.  She chose Season 2 and fell in love with a New world of Literature that she never thought was possible.  Poems were never her thing, but after giving Season 2 an Honest try she feel differently.  I have always been an Edgar Allen Poe Fan and I was excited to see her world open up to his writing too.  Right now as I type she is over on the floor writing poetry.  A Mother's Dream has come true. :)  The Drama Book Report she thought was just Pure Fun!!  That was music to my ears...she said it felt more like an Elective then a Boring English Class.  I will take that as a compliment, actually Erin and Robin should.  

It's recommended to work 3 days a week for about an hour each day.  Mahala worked about 3 days a week for about an hour each day while completing Season 2.  For Season 1 she worked almost the whole school week(5 days) for at least an hour each day.  But, she is a little behind in this department and there were a lot of new concepts for her to take in.

Overall, I think this is a solid curriculum and we look forward to finishing Season 1 and starting Season 3.  I Love that it's Visual Learning and is easy for the parents with Step by Step instructions.  You don't have to play the guessing game and you can be sure Nothing has been left out...It covers it all!
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