A Little Sugar on those Words

My sweet Kaden is such a neat little guy. And those that know him well know that he is the most straight forward, no nonsense kid and his emotions are limited to say the least.  I have been struggling with that for a few years now.  Because it is hurtful to not get hugs when wanted or to have your child ask u to leave his room because it's his "alone" time.  He's very rigid and demanding of himself, he really could care less to ever interact with others unless he absolutely has to. 

I remember like it was yesterday, one morning Kaden came to the table and sat down like he was expecting a response from me.  I was like hey there!!!  He looked at me.....crickets, crickets in the background!!!  So, Kaden do you want to hang out, maybe play a game?  He says, I guess we can, but only because there is nothing better to do right now.  

 Now, a typical child I would think how rude.  But, Kaden said it so dry and monotone, not in a rude, ugly way. He couldn't tell it even bothered me, to him it's the truth and that's why he said it.

I did say to him that he should reword his sentence to be more kind towards others feelings.  I gave a few softer approaches that he could have used.  He replied back to me that there really is no need to waste useless flattery on people in your family. But if I need that then he would try harder....so would you like to play monopoly now?

That's my Kaden! :)

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  1. You are such a great mom! Thank you for reminding me that sometimes we just need to meet them where they are at!!