Grilling Lanes

We went Bowling the other day and had so much fun.  It's amazing how slipping on a pair of Ugly shoes that hundreds of people have warn before can be son darn Fun!!  :)  But, it is and I can't wait till we go again.

Now Kaden took a little bit to warm up to the idea.  But, this is Kaden we are talking about.  He is not one for leaving the house in the first place.  And to do that in a place with bright flashing lights and loud music....let's just say he complains less going to the Dentist.  But, once we got going his frown turned upside down and he was all ready to knock down the pins.  I might add that he ended up as the 2nd place winner.  Yes, I hung my head in shame at last place.  In my defense Lupus stinks and has not been kind to my joints over the years.  :)


After we played a few games we ended up doing a little shopping and then headed home for some yummy burgers made on the grill.  Everything taste better cooked on the grill!  :)

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