Vacation Time on the West Coast

Trying to plan our annual voyage to Malibu.  Was late planning this year, so it looks like we won't be going till late summer.  But, we can't imagine not going.  Love, love, love this place!!!  I could live on the beach forever, unfortunately this beach is expensive.  Just give me a small patch somewhere, without so many digits in it's price. HAHAHAHA
We have such a fun time camping.  It ranks up there with holidays in my book.  I do have it down to a science now.  With packing, organizing and planning what we are going to do when we get there and on the way.  I'll post tips later when it's closer to time.  We will be going to the Redwoods in early summer, so I'll post then.  Redwoods are beautiful too.  We didn't go the last 2 years....I don't know why.  Just didn't make it.  But, when you are there you really can see the beauty God has created.  These trees are amazing, will take your breath away.

Well, I'm off to play play-doh.......


  1. Hi Sheila Bo-beela! I am catching up on your blog. Loved all the posts. I am so jealous of Malibu! I am glad you get to go! Have fun and be good to yourself! :-)

  2. I just caught up on the last few posts...good stuff! I love the new blog look, too--how'd you do that illustration of you? Neato...

    I don't get the tongue out picture pose either--I see it a lot on facebook. It's goofy, for sure.